Do not endure bigotry: Red Bull quits replacement pilot VIPS

VIPs is stated to have spoken racist in a stream on the Twitch Internet platform. The 21-year-old pilot from Estonia after that requested the event Fully Excuse me for the language used by him.

I really much regret my activities, this is not the example that I intend to make, composed Vips. As a red Bull junior, he was a regular driver in the youth collection Formula 2, where he inhabits the seventh location in the total position.

The racing team announced on Tuesday after an investigation by the occurrence that the contract had been terminated. The group does not endure racism in any type of type, stated a tweet of the employer of world champion Max Verstappen.

An implementation in training at the Grand Prix of Spain


In the initial training session of Formula 1 at the Grand Prix of Spain in May, he was used in the Red Bull. The racing collection obliges the groups to provide a young pilot a minimum of twice a period in method systems.