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[e -sports trend] Vomiting in the player bag? ESL drunken official controversy

Leaguetory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e-sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e-sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e-sports-related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform the domestic and overseas e-sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News news of e-sports at home and abroad

◎ China, e-sports work committee launches
-Esports Duchy Committee was founded in China. Chairman of the Chinese Acoustic Digital Publishing Association, Chairman, will serve the government and implement requirements such as youth management at the founding ceremony. It will be urgently identified of issues such as the introduction of certified certifications. △ The Association has faithfully fulfilled its role as a communication with the government, grasps the industry’s trend on time, reflects member’s needs to contribute to the development of esports environment.

In relation to this, Korea plans to form an e-sports promotion advisory committee directly under the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism commissions the personnel recommended by each organization, and designates the chairman and vice chairman through the committee. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is in the process of organizing a balanced committee in consideration of age and gender. The e-Sports Promotion Advisory Committee consults with the establishment of basic plans related to industrial promotion, surveys, and fostering competitions. The term is two years.

◎ Representative Kim Seung-nam, Representative of the E-Sports Wage Prevention Act
-The Democratic Party’s Kim Seung-nam, a member of the National Assembly (Jeonnam Goheung, Boseong, Jangheung, Gangjin), is the representative of the Representative Trade (Amendment to the Act on the Promotion of the Pro Gamer Wage) did. This seems to be a measure to solve the wage unpaid cases of pro-gamers and coaches. Representative Kim insisted, We must eradicate the risk of unpaid wages for esports professional gamers and leaders through the revision of the law as soon as possible.

** ◎ ◎ ‘esports sports shoes’
-The government decided to look at whether there is a real profit due to the sports shoes of esports. Based on the Act on E-Sports Promotion, we conduct a survey every year. In particular, the survey listens to the industry’s opinion on joining the Korean Sports Association of the Korea e-Sports Association. It is a view.

◎ LCK swap bug ‘fuzz’, also in overseas leagues
At the end of the van pic stage in -LCK, the fuzz is being taken. The problem is that the game is often delayed at the same time at the same time in overseas competitions as well as players’ screams. This is known to be due to the ‘swap bug’ that occurs in the process of changing the champions that players will play. The LCK side is aware of the problem and is sorry for not being able to proceed with the month, but it is a problem that cannot be solved at the LCK level, so we are discussing solutions with the department in charge.

■ This week’s e-sports schedule

27th (Mon): LCS, LCK Challengers, LPL
28th (Tue): LCK Challengers, LPL
29th (Wed): LCK, LPL
30 days (Thu): LCK Challengers, LCK, LPL
July 1 (Fri): LCK Challengers, LCK, LPL
July 2 (Sat): LEC, LCK, LPL
July 3 (Sun): LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL

July 1 (Fri): Global icons
July 2 (Sat): LCK Challengers, LCK, LPL

July 1st (Fri): EK League Championship Group League
July 2 (Sat): EK League Championship Group League

27th (Mon): Overwatch League Mid Season Madness
July 1st (Fri): Overwatch League Mid Season Madness
July 2 (Sat): Overwatch League Mid Season Madness
July 3 (Sun): Overwatch League Mid Season Madness

27th (Mon): GSL Season 2 10
28th (Tue): GSL Season 2 10

July 2 (Sat): ATL Season 2 Finals

■ esports sources

◎ Brolsstars player, ESL officials’ brutality
-ESL administrators are undergoing intense investigation for committing atrocities such as vomiting players’ belongings. Some of the professional bridgers who played in the mid-season Invitational in Sweden forced two ESL managers to board a drunken one on the airport shuttle and vomited in the rear seats and the carriers of the players.

It was even claimed to have paid taxi from the hotel lobby to the airport. ‘OG’, who attended the competition, posted a certification photo through SNS and made this claim. ESL said it is very inappropriate in the official path, and is investigating and taking action immediately.

◎ Actor Jeon Wan, Hamburger Gift in Guangdong Prix
-Actor Jeon Wan presented a hamburger with Guangdong Prix accommodation. It is known that it was sent to the kite concluded in the Game advertisement. Guangdong Prix delivered this news through the official SNS and thanked them. Jeon-wan was selected as a drink advertising model of Guangdong Pharmaceuticals, and the Guangdong Prix LOL Squad was shot with Guangdong Pharmaceuticals on the game.

◎ LCK game team such as Nongshim Red Force, Roll Park Booth Event
-The Nongshim Red Force will hold a roll park booth event with Le Kog. The event was held on June 26 and will continue on July 6 and 20. The event will be given a special package and special package. As LCK Summer Split is available for offline fan meetings and booth events, many teams are holding various events through the booth in the roll park.

◎ Park In-soo, Kim Min-kyung’s ‘Temple from today’
-Live Sandbox Cart Rider Game Team Park In-soo appeared in the 112 episode of ‘Athletic Fat’ by Kim Min-kyung, an entertainment. Park In-soo informed Kim Min-kyung and Yoo Min-sang the cart rider. In addition, Won Chang-yeon of the Rib Sandbox FIFA Online 4 game group appeared in FIFA Online 4 content, which was 110 and 111 times from today. Kim Byung-ji also appeared in the episode.

◎ Director of Zenji Lee Ji-hoon, ‘Monthly Zen Jihoon’ June issue
The June issue of the monthly Zen Ji-hoon, starring Lee Ji-hoon of Zenji, was released. In the video, Seoul Dynasty’s Kick-off Clash’s news and the story of ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon re-signed. In the news of Seoul Dynasty, ‘Toby’ Yang Jin-mo joined together, and Son Chang-sik scouts shined on the story of ‘Chobi’. Lastly, I also had time to answer the viewers’ questions.

■ His talent hiring news
◎ Damwon Kia, new manager recruitment notice
-Damwon Kia hires a new manager. The main task is to support the team management and the league site operation, and qualified the affection and understanding of esports (LOL, Valorant, Pubg, Pubgm). In addition, you must have a driver’s license. It is preferred to English or Chinese fluent, and those who can use the Microsoft Office document tool are also preferred.