The PS5 Slim is already a reality, and looks spectacular

Although the PS5 does not have been in the market for two years, it seems that everyone wants a new version of the hardware. In recent months we have heard about the possibility of seeing a pro version of the console. However, there are also those who want a more compact design, similar to the PS4 Slim. In this way, a user got tired of waiting for PlayStation to make this dream come true, and decided to do this process on his own .

Recently, the YouTube channel known as Diy Perks, shared a video that shows how it was possible to create a PS5 Slim with a thickness of only 2 cm, something that sounds impossible.

Throughout the video it is clear that the PS5 cooling system is one of the elements that occupies the most space. In this way, DIY PERKS replaced this unit with a liquid system, in addition it got rid of the housing, now made of copper, and only retained the motherboard . However, his first attempt froze the console, preventing it from working.

Fortunately, his second attempt was a success, making the PS5 work at a temperature of 65 °, 10 ° less than what the normal PS5 is capable. However, This was not a cheap process, so implementing what Diy Perks presented us in a general way , is something that Sony and PlayStation are not willing to do.

In related issues, a new update is now available for PS5. Similarly, it seems that a dualsense pro is on its way.


Editor’s note:

It is incredible what Diy Perks did on this occasion. Not only the size and cooling system are impressive, but this basically converts the PS5 into something as portable as DVD. It is certain that the PS5 Slim of PlayStation is not so, but it gives us an idea of the internal changes that we could find in an official version.