Exactly how to get as well as furnish new personalities in Genuhin Impact

You can change the partner’s personality you take with you in Genuhin Impact during your journey. You can select to use numerous members of the group in the video game, and they additionally progress with you. These characters have numerous tools that you can provide to make them much more valuable, so ensure that they have the most effective objects on them during the battle is a crucial action.

In the group’s configuration, you can choose the members of your group you have with you during your adventure at GENSHIN IMPACT. Click on the character you desire to integrate into your group and pick the personality for which you wish to exchange them. The brand-new member of the group will certainly replace the previous one and also you need to see the 4 personalities offered in the food selection.

To change the members of your group, you will certainly not be able to do it on the group’s display. This is where you can change their characteristics, tools, artefacts and also numerous other customization choices. Rather, you desire to most likely to the primary game menu and go to the Party Configuration option.

You can access this screen to change feasible future members of the group each time you obtain a new one.