In -house sex crimes have not been tolerated

Activity Blizzard has been involved in relay lawsuits related to harassment at work since July last year. Beginning with the California Fair Employment Bureau (DFEH), the lawsuit has also filed a lawsuit in the Activity Blizzard shareholder Group and the New York Retirement Pension Fund. The three groups pointed out that sexual harassment and sexual harassment in the company were widespread, and executives, including Barbicotic CEO, did not deal with the problem properly.

And on the 16th (local), Activity Blizzard released a report on the harassment of the company’s workplace. The report summarizes the results of its own investigation by Activity Blizzard, and reviewed the contents of former chairman Gilbert Casellas. Activity Blizzard has agreed on the issue of in-house harassment, including sexual harassment, on the condition of raising the $ 18 million fund for the EEOC and the victim.

The report was that there were some illegal acts, but did not find evidence that there was a wide range of and organized harassment, and no evidence was found that the management had tolerated it. Unlike many arguments, the board and external torture decided that there was no evidence that the directors and external torture intentionally ignored or neglected the case of sexual harassment. High-ranking executives and employees have no direct and indirect evidence to hide information from the board of directors. It doesn’t support that there was an organized problem.

Former Chairman Gilbert Kazella, who was talked about to verify the results, reviewed the data on the Activity Blizzard case, which was counted from September 1, 2016 to December 31, 2021. In the report, he said, Based on the reported amount, there is a relatively small number of illegal acts compared to the size of an active Blizzard company.


In addition, Activi’s Blizzard said it is trying to create a safe, inclusive, and exemplary work environment, including consultation with EEOC. There are three times the establishment of an ethical qualitative team that is independent of other departments such as business and personnel, a ban on harassment in the company-wide workplace, and tripled investment in harassment and discrimination prevention education. In addition, victims can claim rewards at $ 18 million in EEOC consultation. However, if you are rewarded, you cannot participate in other government agencies, DFEH lawsuits.

Lastly, he also expressed his dissatisfaction with the media that reported the case with DFEH, the US, which had a friction with the company in the litigation process. Activity Blizzard pointed out that DFEH had no authority to investigate the in-house harassment and did not complete the investigation. Subsequently, DFEH continued to insist on the media, and claimed that the innocent employees and the whole company were affected by the report. In the report, some media reports mentioned that there is no basis.

The US DFEH, who accused the Activi’s Blizzard, said that women were disadvantaged throughout the personnel such as conservative, promotion, job assignment, promotion, and dismissal compared to men, and that the sexual harassment and sexual harassment were frequent. The main examples include the loss of dismissal in the workplace, the inappropriate behavior of the female employees, accused of picking up the child to the day care center, and being driven out of the nursing room by a male employee who needed a meeting room. to be.

In November last year, the Wall Street Journal reported on Bobby Cotick. According to this, Cotik CEO threatened to kill a female assistant in 2006, and in 2007 she told a female crew who sued her for sexual harassment. Subsequently, the female employees who worked at the Call of Duty: Vanguard developer Slarge Hammer Games reported two sexual offenses committed by Javier Panameno, but active Blizzard did not investigate this, and Call of Duty: Black The company recommended the dismissal of sexual harassment in the workplace of the co-representative of Tray Arc Dan Bunting, who developed the Ops, but it was mentioned that the Cotick CEO was blocked.

A Better ABK, a coalition of Activision, Blizzard, and King Workers, announced on the 17th on the official Twitter. Like the previous one, this report is only trying to hide the company’s fault, and the improvement of the work environment is not the company, but the result of the employees. At the same time, they cited the majority of news on Twitter, which reported the above-mentioned events related to Activity Blizzard, and added that these reports and evidence proved that the case was true.