V rising

Vampire survival V Rising supports Japanese in the new Apde. Quest and item performance are also firm

On June 16, the developer Stunlock Studios has launched a new update Patch 0.5.42050 for v Rising . The update has added a large number of languages, including Japanese.

V Rising is an open world-type action RPG that was launched early on May 17. In this work, the player is driven to the verge of destruction by the hands of mankind, and becomes a vampire who has been sleeping for a long time. The hero who awakens will explore the world as a regaining hegemony, and to expand its territory. There are also craft and architectural elements, and they gradually regain the power of a strong vampire. This work reported that sales exceeded 1.5 million units this month, and the popularity of the developer also commented that the popularity was unexpected (related article).

Such a work supported Japanese in this update. It seems to have been newly supported to multiple languages such as Korean and Italian. When I actually started the game, at least most parts were translated in the early stages. It seems that the effects of the items and the contents of the quest are also well Japanese. It would be good news for users who had forgotten this work because of English. In addition, the change to Japanese is started from the optional language setting. Please note that it is not a change in the property opened from the Steam library.

In addition, there is a nice change that it is no longer necessary to dismantle the adjacent walls and pillars when destroying the floor or territory (border). Many bug corrections and balance adjustments are being implemented. See this patch notebook for details.

V Rising is being distributed early for PCs on Steam.