Palworld is a Pokemon MMO that will be a hands-on Ride

Many months have passed since the last material from Palworld, but the developers do not think to change the style or direction of their game (and luckily).

Palworld is still a rollercoaster ride. A game that will either achieve spectacular success or become an unplayable creation with an excess of form over content.

Palworld is an online open-world survival in which there are Pokemon, Pokemon-like creatures (so-called Pale), a shooter combat system with rifles, and elements of the building, sandbox, and MMO.

In Palworld, we will be able to play with other people, join groups, and form clans there will also be a character progression system, dungeons, etc. So we have grounds for including Palworld in a broadly understood Massively Multiplayer Online family.

The premiere of the game is still planned for this year.