High -quality My Little Pony

When a malice messes up and sabotaging places in Equestria, Sunny begins to explore the dick work. At the same time, he refreshes the places before the magical holiday. The my Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure, published by Outright Games, offers entertaining pony fans, but suffers from children’s games, ridiculously short duration.

Repetition is the mother of learning

My Little Ponyt have experienced a few different variations over the years. If the colorful horses were a tough thing in my own barracks, then the Taika_-product family-and especially the TV series based on it-returned colorful ponies back to children’s play in the 2010s. Now the fifth generation of the toy line continues the story of Equestria for years after the Taika_ series of the _s.

Netflix’s Ini generation animated movie started literally with a new generation of ponies. At the same time, new toys, new accessories and a new video game based on new characters featured on the market. Hi, Hi Famous Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Partners. Welcome to Pipp Petals, Izzy Moonbow and Sunny Starscout, starring the game. The family’s horsepower my Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure presents a combination of a level leap and a puzzle game described on the sidelines that helps friends, decorating places, decorating places and trying to find out the mood that ruins the festive atmosphere.

Audiovisually everything is fine, and once again a big thank you to the authors for the localization. The menus are in both domestic language, and the characters speak Finnish and Swedish. Translation errors have mainly been avoided, so the work continues the spirit of TV productions since the sound actors. Even the animation style mainly respects the source work, even though the digestibility of the series is not achieved. You can even wear and customize your own character with different accessories, as long as you collect enough stars sprinkled in the fields.


directly to the source

My 5-year-old giggles galloped eagerly to the city of Equestria. The best thing about him was fun characters, bouncing and dressing Sunny in different outfits. The combination of the colorful world and the super-positive characters also laughed. The story itself is not very long, but the intermediate videos are equally presenting the character and a nice world.

The difficulty level and controllers have been kept simple enough to easily play with the controller’s basic knowledge. The tasks consist mainly of different pick-up gigs or mini-games. Occasionally shepherds rabbits for the enclosure, flown racing and bouncing on the flower bridge for others-roller skates on and without. The world is full of (hidden) stars whose collection also challenges to explore all green pastures of Equestria.

quality in order, price not so much

The publishing history of Outright Games has varied tremendously. The previous group of Hau_ was frankly miserable, and the PJ Masks title seemed like the same game with new textures. On the other hand, pipsa Pigs offered a short but in every way the finished whole.

A mareime bay Adventure hits them halfway. The technically functional work provides enough variation to make the little ones in the family fall in love with my Little Pony universe. Familiar, colorful characters bring a smile to the ears, but the two-hour duration of the story makes you angry. Whether it is children or adults as a target audience, the content should not stop after two times. There are also two mini-games through the main menu, although there are only five different options, so they have been quickly through.

Perhaps this is a good idea to grab this from the alcohol, as the price content ratio of the end result is severely precipitate. Children deserve better.