Michael Keaton will officially return as Batman

Many generations have grown with different Batman films, but the most iconic at the pop culture level are those of Tim Burton, since they gave new life to this iconic character. It is also where _Michael Keaton launched stars in the leading role, which he will interpret again after many years of not doing so.

This news was announced from the directors’ own voice, _adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah, who are currently working on a movie of Batgirl that will soon arrive at hbo max. This anticipated information was given to Insider, conversation in which the actor’s return was confirmed to give life to the knight of the night.

It is worth mentioning, that according to a report of Hollywood Reporter, since the end of 2021 the role of Keaton was being forecast, something that is now confirmed through the directors of the film. In addition, it is not necessary to comment that the artist will also join another dc comics tape, The Flash, which has suffered many delays.


On the other hand, the directors were asked when it will arrive Batgirl at the streaming service, having as a direct response a negative, which is rather uncertainty. The same happened with the Flash tape, which is not known for sure when the public will reach, because new recordings had to be made.

Remember that Batgirl will be released at some point in _hbo max.