LOL: 3 historical champions that have been missing for years and that Riot must improve the next months

It is not a top of the less popular champions of the game (especially because at this level, Aurelion Sol, Skarner and Iiverr have been fighting for the title for years), but of characters who have marked the history of the game before going gradually disappearing from The invoker’s crack, either in competitive or classifying/normal games. Who have been the greatest losers in the history of League of Legends? What legends of the games deserve some help? These are the questions we will answer below.

Elise: A queen of the jungle who has been trapped in the cobwebs

There was a time when I read without its AP counterpart with Elise. The influence of the spider queen was such that every professional jungle had to dominate her, just like the blind monk. However, over the years, Elise gradually disappeared from the competitive radar and suffered the same destination in Solq. Of one of the most popular jungles, she is now the ninth champion less play in the world (160). Unfortunately, her kit is no longer suitable for the current metajuego and it is not convenient to choose it to play games.

Elise is relatively slow to clean her jungle (compared to the best in this role), while she must succeed in ambush or gankeos, since the champion is relatively weak in the Late Game. This is why she has become a very there champion, since if her first actions are not successful, she will stay behind throughout the game, a delay that she cannot compensate without the help of the her companions. At the time of writing this article, Elise has played less on the competitive scene in season 12 than Aurelion Sol (the dragon has played twice worldwide).

Sound disappears with a silent song

For a long time, Sona has been the representative of the support archetype in the minds of many players. Although greatly popular in the first seasons, the changes in the game by Riot Games condemned her to a descent to the depths of the less played champions. If the champion was very strong at that time, it is mainly because the support had to spend most of their gold on lighthouses.

SOUND SPRAYS benefit all their allies, since they are skills in area and scale very well with several objects , which made it a perfect candidate for the position of Support _. He needed many objects to be effective, which allowed him to invest in vision, without losing impact on the game. Only since the visions became free, Sona lost interest in favor of more specialized champions that no longer had to sacrifice most of their gold in the red vision.

She remained very strong in Aram, before Riot Games also broke her knees in that way, reducing her healing and her shields. With only 21 appearances in the competitive circuit this season worldwide and extremely rare in Solq, the champion seems to be sentenced to remain in the depths. Today Sona sings a sad song, which nobody listens to…

Shen, a ninja who has lost power and have taken the bandana of Shinobi

Shen can be a less obvious champion than the previous two, but left a lasting mark on the upper lane. To other Riot Games invoker spells (the teleport was less attractive than other spells in previous seasons). His condition in Soloq was a bit different, because although there were many Main Shen (xpetu) , many players used it by default when they were Autofill on the Toplane **

Simple to play, with good lane maintenance and a definitive ability to help her allies, Shen allowed the self-reflected to have an impact on the games if they played intelligently. Unlike Sona and Elise, the champion has not lost much of his power. Shen is still excellent against AD lane champions and can do it well against many other characters. On the other hand, the changes made in the game seem to condemn it, at least for this season.

Riot Games’s goal by integrating the Herald and the plates in the towers was to boost the games. It worked quite well, but did not benefit Shen at all.
Due to the potential impact of his ultimate, the latter has a coldown too long.
** Therefore, Shen needs the games to be slow enough so that your team can timeline when your spell is on CD.
which means that we prefer champions that can recover their spells more quickly.
The community finally followed the path of professionals, and today Shen rarely appears in the invoker crack.