Valorant: Leviatán dominates the table of the southern VCT one more day

The action in the South returns with more strong emotions in VCT, where the teams seek to redeem and conquer the tip of the table, draws that can end up defining and even gusts at stake is what is lived in this day of the best value value in the region, epic battles are the ones we could yesterday where the squads showed different strategies that could conquer difficult scenarios on the maps.

The purple color is better than gray

The first confrontation would be between New Pampas against 9Z starting on a map of Haven where 1eon would be the one who wreaks havoc against the rivals by placing good early casualties to leave things with a 7-5 In the first half, to the change of sides Suther would be the one to react in the game to put the purple things managing to turn the meeting on the map that would end with a 13-11 in the hands of the * 9Z team. *

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Reaching the second map that would be Split The first half, reaching the second part Hanling would be blinded to their rivals with the guide light and with a very neat AIM I was given the entrance to his team causing 9Z to take points that would close the series with a 13-9 In your favor.

The sun stops shining

For the second meeting Sunxet Club fought before Leviatán on a map of Breeze that the Levianeta team has been handling in different instances, with the power of Tacolilla l so things became for the sea dragon team That he managed to put a 9-3, in the second part of the map things would endanger the soles because his rivals had caught the accelerator in a very good way to close the first map with a 13-3.

The second map would be a Icebox chosen by Sunxet who began better in the confrontation, however, the Levianeta would do better map management thanks to waltz with her k/I who made the difference to achieve Putting a 7-5 in the first half, reaching the change of sides, Leviathan’s attack would be unstoppable getting a lot of rounds in his favor to be able to finish the encounter with a powerful 13-6

Thus the games of yesterday combined, two tremendous 2-0 was what was lived in the duels of the day, the Levianeta continues to lead the upper part of the table and still does not know the defeat, we will have to see what happens Today where a team will know the defeat and will be defined in the South Classic who will stay as the leader of the tournament at the end of the week.