CO-OP together from the beginning to the end! “ELDEN RING” Multi -enhanced MOD beta distribution

Elden Ring Co-op Gameplay - How Many Bosses Can We Kill?
MOD creator Lukeyui has distributed the MOD “ SEAMLESS CO-OP ” that seamlessly conjugate the multiplayer of the Action RPG “ Elden Ring ” of from software.

This MOD removes a lot of restrictions on cooperative multiplayer from “Elden Ring”, and allows up to 4 people (host + 3 spirits) from the beginning to the end. The session will not end even if the player dies or defeats the boss during multiplayer (if you die during the boss battle, everyone will die or someone will move to watching mode until you take a break). You will be able to search for all maps and use the spirit horse “Trent”. The game progress in online play is also reflected in your world.

In this mod, you will play games without going through the original matchmaking server, so Easy Anti-Cheat will be invalid and will not be invaded.

MOD “SEAMLESS CO-OP” is now available on Nexus Mods. Since this is a MOD, it is a beta version that contains a lot of bugs, so please check the installation method and password setting method on the distribution page and introduce it at your own risk.