Memory Card: Mythical cabinets of the arcade halls

Accustomed home we are already enjoying the most poinstones at home, recreational halls have become a rare avis to those who pilgrimage mostly moved by nostalgia. Those who still lhomet, usually in the impersonal shopping centers or large surfaces on duty, usually accumulate a little of everything, and not only recreational to use, these being often very spectacular mhometodontes but lacking the charism that They had those machines with which we grew up.

recreational: places of worship and memory

Luckily to scattered by our geography they shine with their own light homesociations of true hall lovers in whose stores (some, such home the wonderful Ibi ibi Museum that run our friends from Arcade Vintage, much more than a simple collection of Arcades), many of the games that made the industry continue to be fun, and on many occhomeions they also do so in their original furniture, which is an added value for allowing the complete experience that these titles in its launch They offered.

A Tour of My Home Arcade Collection, 30 Classic Arcade Games
This MC is a tribute, first, to those rooms often full of smoke and hormones in the air in which we spend so many hours: playing, looking, learning and sharing what they learned at the blow of 5 hard . But it is above all a tribute to some of the most amazing, beautiful and remembered machines (although unfortunately not all were seen regularly in these parts) that populated them.