What Very slight Changes in The Elden Ring Living Map?

As all Elden Ring players know, the Midlands are vast and, above all. From Necrolimbo to Mount Gelmir to the red lands of Caelid, the landscapes are diverse, and so are the creatures! You will understand. You have nothing to get bored with during your epic adventure. But although this monumental and more than a varied map is making it difficult for many Sinluz, it could well be that it also… changes.

Living map
Just like a living being, it would seem that the Elden Ring map evolves and undergoes some occasional changes. But why? The reason is straightforward, the various updates to the latest FromSoftware game. A Youtuber named Illusory Walls noticed these slight differences between the multiple versions of Elden Ring and put them together in a video.

Therefore, as patches 1.02, 1.03, and 1.04 progress, the map evolves very slightly, and the FromSoftware teams partially rework certain areas. Trees, roads, or even lakes disappear (or appear), and thus the Lightless must adapt to these changes, which can be quite disabling at times. Some deplore the disappearance of a bridge in the Necrolimbo, once very useful for passing over an abyss. Others rejoice at discovering illusory walls, thinking they were hallucinating when they saw the Elden Ring map change.

The most impressive changes continue to be those made in the Picos de Los Gigantes (around the minute 14:30 in the video), where entire buildings are moved in this way.

But why change the map?
This is the question many Elden Ring players are asking, and the various answers remain highly subjective. It’s entirely possible that the FromSoftware teams are very attentive to player feedback on map weaknesses and then work on it to get as close to the perfect Underworld as possible.

Another possible reason for this downward movement in the game’s various areas is a desire to stop the speedrunners. On several occasions in the past, the FromSoftware teams have implemented different patches intending to nerf speedrunners, correcting the bugs they use for their discipline. Patch 1.03, released in March, seriously nerfed speedrunners, with a significant decrease in the effectiveness of running abilities and the disappearance of rocks and paths that a bug could access.

Indeed, these changes brought by the various patches are present, but they are still minimal, and most players have not even noticed them. Don’t worry, and they won’t change your experience!