Sony responds to the new PlayStation Plus concerns

What Sony Isn't Saying About Their New PlayStation Plus...

Before the launch of PlayStation Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, PlayStation Plus subscribers are losing subscribers. However, Sony is not too worried. During a recent earning calls with investors, Sony revealed that PS Plus has 47.4 million subscribers as of March 2022, which represents a 600K decrease with respect to the anterior quarter and 200K year after year. This is only the second time that PS Plus experiences a quarter to quarter, so, as expected, this news caught the attention of investors.

A fall is a worrying news, but Sony defended it by pointing out that the demand to stay at home is decreasing as the world moves away from the heart of the pandemic. It also attributed to this the decrease of monthly active users. Compared to the previous quarter, there was a decrease of 5 million users and three million when it was observed year after year.

“Let me give them the general trend,” said financial director Hikori Totoki about the trend while she talked to investors. «The total game time is very important. Year after year, there has been a decrease, but the demand to stay at home was not so strong between January and February 2021 compared to [The Previous Year].

Totoki continued: «That is a decrease of 8 percent compared to January and February 2022. Compared to the end of March 2020, there is a decrease of 5.9 million [users]. The demand to stay at home was a temporary factor, but after it decreased, it seems to me that high levels of commitment have been maintained. «In the medium term, I do not see much concern in PS Plus. I am sure that the high level of commitment will continue. That is a positive opinion that I have.

As expected, Sony anticipates and waiting for the next month of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium to move the needle in its favor.

“We will begin the renewal [of ps plus] from June in a staggered way and we would like it to grow stable and have the support of the users,” Totoki concluded. “I would like them to have great expectations for this with me.”

The use of “great expectations” can be an indication that Sony will go big with the renewal of PS Plus, but everything we have heard so far suggests otherwise. What is more likely that this is a general public relations discourse for investors.