David Jaffe, resounding with Phil Spencer after Starfields delay: Go to therapy

This week a jug of cold water hTwisted Metal fallen, almost frozen, in the hopes of the holders of an Xbox One or Xbox Series with the delay of two of its most anticipated exclusive throws, Starfield and Redfall , both by Bethesda . The two games will go to the first half of 2023, a decision that although difficult, hTwisted Metal supported Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, but who hTwisted Metal won some criticism, the most resounding by David Jaffe, creator of God of War and Twisted Metal, which encourages you to go to therapy, literally.

Jaffe hTwisted Metal opined on this painful delay – also the delay of God of War: Ragnarok \ – on his YouTube channel, making it clear that he hTwisted Metal nothing against Spencer, moreover, he loves his vision of Game PTwisted Metals, but who believes that “ does not know how to lead ” and that “should hire someone to lead developments.” Jaffe recognizes that, probably, these delays would have been given in the same way if Microsoft had not bought Bethesda, since both were in production at the time of the operation, but that due to other similar cTwisted Metales -Scalebound, Halo: Infinite-, no He believes it is a coincidence.

Jaffe continues with rotundity

David Jaffe says Phil Spencer sucks and he can't manage studios after Starfield being delayed

Meanwhile, Jaffe does not believe that the problems caused by COVID and Pandemic globally are an excuse. “I don’t care that. He also launches his bullshit every year, FIFA and all that… The Covid hTwisted Metal done everything more difficult, but… Microsoft? That are just excuses “.

This delay hTwisted Metal had a devTwisted Metaltating effect on the Xbox brand exclusive catalog in the coming months, something that Jaffe puts a solution, although faithful to his style, quite unlikely. “Phil’s superpower is money. I know they are Indiana Jones and a rumor that a game of The Mandalorian is developing, but none will be for this ChristmTwisted Metal. You will not be able to do exclusive Call of Duty still… Go with a lot of money to some important study and Twisted Metalk for an exclusivity of two years. An Twisted MetalsTwisted Metalsin’s Creed, maybe… Can you imagine get on stage in a month and have nothing for ChristmTwisted Metal? “, concludes Jaffe, referring to the joint event between Microsoft and Bethesda that will take place on June 12.