Tier List of the best Agents and Best characters of Valorant patch 4.09

Valorant has been with us for some time, and Riot Games has shown its intention to alter the characters’ power and their functions. A decision that will surely keep the title fresh for a long time also gives rise to a ubiquitous question: which are the best agents? It is normal to look for the character that most facilitates obtaining the best results as a multiplayer title. Nothing is more important than the individual skill and mastery we have of each character. However, there are some better prepared than others to face the games.

Trying to be as objective as possible, we have prepared a Tier List to show in an organized way which are the strongest characters on the squad and which agents we should avoid at all costs. Classification in the constant update that this time comes after the introduction of patch 4.09. This patch has introduced a significant balance change to Chamber that finishes tweaking the meta after the big nerfs to Jett or Sova.

Tier S

He came to Valorant with a perfect start and dominated the highest places on the list. He is a sensational Operator user and shines during defensive rounds. Not even the latest nerfs have been able to stop him. Here you can learn more about Chamber skills.

Valiant’s “Legolas” reveals the position of enemies and has become a fixture in comps. His bow allows him to alert allies of the rotation they need to take. He is decisive in scoring each round and has a very unpleasant ult, especially in situations with Spike planted.

KAY/O has been gaining ground on the Tier List after a somewhat uncertain time. In large part, it’s because many of her biggest competitors have received significant power reductions. Without so much traffic ahead, the robot has been able to shine and is positioned as an excellent alternative on all maps.

The amount of fumes Brimstone can release during a round makes any situation more manageable. He shines in the opening of each half, defends well, and attacks well. He is one of the complete characters, and although he had fallen far behind him, he has been resurrected thanks to the recent improvements he has received, and the nerfs that his competition has suffered.

Fade has not come to Valorant to be just another character. Since her release, the new Agent has dominated the game thanks to her ability to spot enemies and facilitate big plays. She is perfect in ranked and aims to be equally brilliant in the collaborative environment of team play.

Tier A

She was one of the most complex agents to establish herself in the game, but she has finally become one of the quintessential controllers. She is excellent on both offense and defense. Thanks to her wall and her ultimate, she prevents the enemy advance or facilitating the allied offensive.

Reyna came to the Valiant roster as one of the most potent agents in the game, but she was running out of steam. However, she has regained positions as other agents have been the ones who have received changes, and she is positioned as one of the best duelists in the game.

Riot Games has taken drastic measures with this character. It’s still effective, but it’s no longer essential on all maps. Jett had been at the top of the Tier List since the game’s release and never looked like he would drop out of the top ranks. However, the change was confirmed after the last version, 4.08.

After a long period of dominance and a no less prolonged period of disappearance, Omen has returned to the top of the tier list. The character has received significant quality of life improvements and a few ‘buffs’ to his ability stats, allowing him to be more than a good option in ranked matches. Perhaps, he will even return to competitive.

Skye came to VALORANT with everything to shine in 5v5 matches. However, this Agent struggles a bit more when dominating a ranked matchup. Don’t get us wrong, her utility is almost infinite, and she will always be a viable choice for that reason alone. Still, she offers few options to shine alone, something decisive in the chaotic matchups of the ranked. Fortunately, she is still the queen of utility, and she stands in good stead thanks to the use you can make of her by playing “premade.”

Killjoy represents zone control in VALORANT. The Agent has an enviable ability to defend. Even if Riot Games has taken some of her power away, she’s still more than viable. She is also perfect in post-plant situations where she shines thanks to an ultimate that buys the team a lot of time.

Neon hasn’t been as powerful as we’d hoped, but she’s in a perfect position. She is one of the most competent agents in Valorant and will have a place as a duelist in any composition.

Tier B

It went up and down, but it was always there. Since Raze came to Valorant, she has been one of the most prominent agents in the game, and now she is one step behind due to the multiple nerfs she suffered in recent patches. Her potential is much more limited than when the game was released.

The rework of the character came to Valorant recently, and although it was a good improvement, it has not been enough for him to be able to shine above the rest of the characters in his position. Fortunately, it seems like he has a lot more potential than the original version.

Sage has lost relevance due to the arrival of new Sentinels, and the nerfs that Riot Games has been applying on the champion to reduce her healing or the strength of the wall. However, she always comes back into fashion, so we must not neglect her situation.

Astra is one of the Valiant characters most affected by power reductions. In other times she was the best controller of the title, but her golden age is now behind her. We will have to wait for Riot Games to decide to improve it.

The breach is one of the few characters that can threaten and control areas without being seen. His abilities are thrown through walls and walls, allowing him to stun enemies without being in any danger and only peek out to finish off. In addition, his ultimate sweeps wherever he goes and has a reasonably large area and range. However, after receiving numerous improvements from Riot Games and becoming famous, he has again fallen into the background.

Cypher is one of the champions that stood out the most during the first months of Valiant, but he is too predictable and lost a lot of priority as players discovered all the mechanics of the title. Add this to his attack weakness, and we’re forced to drop him to one of the lowest ranks in the lowest tier. You can consult our Cypher guide to try to take advantage of it.

Phoenix’s balance was sensational when the title was released, but it hasn’t stood the test of time well. The lack of more pronounced strengths leaves him in the background needing significant buffs that prevent his ultimate’s high counterplay or how easy it is to dodge his abilities.