Final fantasy xiv

If you pay the timer on 20 or 30 minutes in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Remake of Final Fantasy VII gives an incredible turn to the original game, increasing the action while trying to stay faithful to the game that has set the world in the 90s. In the Mako Reactor mission, you will try to make your way Towards Mako Reactor to sabotage it. When you finally get there, you will have to plant a bomb and have the opportunity to adjust the timer on 20 or 30 minutes.

20 Minute vs 30 Minute Bomb Timer | Reward vs No Reward | FF7 Intergrade

The important thing to know about this part of the game is that you will have to fight the Scorpion sentry after launching the bomb. The Sentinel Scorpion is a very tanky enemy, and the fight will take some time. The good news is that the stopwatch only starts after the end of the fight against the boss, so it is not necessary to feel in a hurry, and you can take your time to avoid making mistakes in the fight.

If you pay the timer 20 minutes, Barrett will tell you that you are arrogant, and if you pay the timer at 30 minutes, it will make fun of you to need so long. There is no way to win with Barrett at this stage of the game, so just let him talk about his waste and choose the time that suits you.

It really doesn’t take long to escape from the reactor, and it should only take about five minutes. Twenty minutes should be more than enough to escape when the fight against the boss is finished.

If you do not get out in time, the explosion will eliminate your team, then make sure to jostle you after finishing the Scorpion sentry.