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Fortnite: Collect locations of signal disadvantage

Even if the last few weeks of chapter 3, season 2 of for fourteen days approach with big steps, there is still a lot to do. Weekly challenges appear if you help the seven in your endeavor to thwart the insidious machinations of the IO forces . While you may have been forced to be a garbage person in the previous challenge, this brings it a little more on the right track.

You have to find and collect different Signal disorders that are distributed over the countries and make sure that you are ready to help The Seven, while we are approaching the last advance to save the world of Fortnite. It is up to you to ensure that things are done properly, but don’t worry, you will be well rewarded for your tasks!

Collect Signal Jammers Location - Fortnite

where you can find signaling stations in Fortnite

This quest will require a little movement because you have to find and deactivate these signal disorders three different locations via the card. You will find one nearby Logjam Lumberyard, Shifty Shafts and Command Cavern.

To ensure that you survive this quest, you should make sure that you stock up with different weapons and objects, as you cover a lot of distance between all these places and the players are always on the track. All of these places have some great weapons and consumption, so make sure that they are ready for the long journey in front of them.

Another part of this quest, which is pretty unique, is the fact that it does not take place in one of the cities on the map, but at the top of the mountains that is enthroned above them. You have to climb these mountains and reach their peaks in order to be able to deactivate the signal interferers in these places, so add this to their time allocation for this quest. You may be able to use the siege cannons that are placed around the card so that you can get to the top faster than ever before.

As soon as you have deactivated these signal disabilities, you can collect an additional collect 23,000xp for your Battle Pass . Since the season comes to an end, you have to work harder than ever to ensure that you unlock all the items that you may have been waiting for. Make sure you work through the daily and weekly challenges to add a large amount of XP to your Battle Pass, and maybe consider the idea of logging in Fortnite crew to unlock the Battle Pass when you have not yet received.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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