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Nobody expected that: The Dino survival game The Stomping Land returns from the sinking after eight years. We explain to you what the “restart” is all about and why only a few players should be happy about this return.

the Stomping Land 2.0

The former Kickstarter hope The Stomping Land is back! So halfway. Chief developer Alex “Jig” Fundora has reported back to Steam after eight years. In the luggage an ambitious project :

_ “I start a separate and experimental branch of The Stomping Land, which will rebuild the game from scratch with modern methods. Daily tests for this part of the game will be available. Buyers of the original can get on the separate launcher at any time. ”

Or to put it another way: Anyone who bought The Stomping Land at the time can now take part in the Jig’s new project as a tester. However, this is not the original game, but a kind of reboot.

This becomes particularly clear when you look at the video of the English -language YouTuber Velocci, who suspects the next potential scam behind the “restart” :

will the new dino game ever appear?

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The presumption of Velocci is justified, after all, Jig was simply dipped back then, without explanation or a specific plan, as is the case with The Stomping Land.

Even the colleagues from Jig were surprised by the sudden departure and So the Early Access game remained a construction site , which was removed from the Steam Store a short time later.

And even if Jig published updates for his new project on Steam in March and April 2022, it is also completely unclear here whether the game will ever reach a finished condition. Especially since there has been radio silence again for almost a month.

In this respect, it is probably better that the game is still not available via Steam.