Steam: Totes Survival

Do you still remember The Stomping Land? The promising dino survival game gets updates again after eight years of radio silence. We explain to you what happened and why this surprising comeback can still be viewed with skepticism.

does the dino game celebrate a comeback?

The Stomping Land has a moving story ** behind it. Financed by Kickstarter, started in the early access on Steam and then disappeared into the sinking.

This is particularly fault of chief developer Alex “Jig” Fundora, who simply dipped overnight and the game left it out.

The players felt betrayed, first scam allegations came up and Steam exacerbated The Stomping Land in the end from the store. So the survival game was practically dead. At least until now.

For a few weeks now, JIG has been working on his game again. In a suitable announcement, it says:

_ “I start a separate and experimental branch of The Stomping Land, which will rebuild the game from scratch with modern methods. Daily tests for this part of the game will be available. Buyers of the original can start at any time via the separate launcher.” _

Specifically, this means that anyone who bought The Stomping Land at the time can take part in the “restart”. Anyone who is also interested in the project was unlucky. The game will not celebrate a comeback on Steam.

What is the current state of affairs?

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Measured by the previous history of The Stomping Land Caution is attached . In principle, it is commendable that JIG wants to offer the buyers a tangible game after several years, but at first glance, this ** “experimental offshoot” has not much to do with the originally game.

The English -language YouTuber Velocci summarizes the current situation very well:

In addition, one also has to mention that no update has been released since mid -April (see Steam). So is the new project in the end? We know more in a few weeks and months.