Natalie Portman in the form of Thor on a frame from Torah: Love and Thunder “

Empire magazine published a frame from the film Commander “Thor: Love and Thunder” with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman at a full parade – in brilliant armor and with Melnir in the hands of his new mistress.

In the first teaser trailer for the film, the dignity and exchanged astrophysics for magic and the stylish outfit of Jane Foster was shown only briefly, although later the video was complemented by the poster. Now in Mcu at once there are two thunder gods who will have to defeat Gorra’s killer of the gods.

By the way, the villain and screenwriter Taika Waitty recently called the best antagonist of the cinema -settlement played by Christian Bale.

Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Teaser

“Thor: Love and Thunder” will be released outside of Russia on July 8.