They filter new scene of The Last of Us

One of the series that is being expected most in relation to video games is that of _ the last of us _ , which will seek to give a new focus on the story we know since the distant year _ 2013 _ . This has presented some leaks in recent days and behind scenes, being some moments captured in cell phones by franchise fans.

Ellie Gets Captured Last Of Us 2

In a new filtration provided by users _ crackmacs _ and _the last of us TV _ , you can see a scene quite similar to what is seen in the video game, one in which _ Joel _ sends to _Ellie _ Through a duct to open a door. The same is repeated with the actors of flesh and blood, _ Pedro Pascal _ and _ Bella Ramsey _ **, who were recorded in the distance.

It is worth mentioning that the video, like many others in style, has a not so well defined quality. However, the important parts were captured precisely.

With this type of scenes captured, it is evident that HBO is looking to be faithful to history _the last of us _ , although there are certain elements that must change a bit at the request of the same _ Naughty Dog _ . Even one of the directors of the Games, _ Neil Druckmann _ is involved in the script to apply the changes accurately.

At the moment it is not mentioned by the time we are going to see the series, since sometimes after the company’s executives said that at least, in this 2022 it will not make its arrival to the platform. Fans will remain pending to each update, so it will be a matter of time for the release date to be known throughout the world.