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Rumor: New details about the history of Botw 2 arise

With the launch of the sequel to _ Breath of the Wild _ a year away, Nintendo is in no hurry to reveal more information about this game, at least not for the moment. However, the dubbing actor for the voice in Italian of Daruk has shared new details that could well give us an important clue about the history of this game.

In an interview with a fans site in Italy, Pietro Ubaldi, Daruk’s Italian dubbing actor, mentioned that his sessions had come to an end. The interesting thing is that Ubaldi not only handled Daruk’s voice, but also that of the “ancestor” of this champion , which will have a more serious behavior.

Breath of the Wild 2 LEAK!? NEW STORY + GAMEPLAY Details On Sequel To Breath of the Wild! (RUMOR)
For the aforementioned by Ubaldi, We will have the opportunity to meet Daruk’s ancestor . Considering that this champion has been dead at the end of the breath of the Wild events, this means that in the sequel we can visit, either by means of kinematics or with playable sequences, an even older time of Hyrule.

However, as always happens with these cases, We are talking about a rumor , and not official information by Nintendo. In related issues, Japan has selected breath of the Wild as the best game in history. Similarly, the possible name of this sequel is filtered.

Editor’s note:

Although this is just a rumor, the idea of traveling even more to the past and knowing the origins of Calamity Ganon is very interesting. Of course, as a rumor from a dubbing actor, there is not something that ensures this information 100%, but we must not rule out this possibility.