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Rockstar Games provides GTA Online CEO Business Bonus

Rockstar Games announced on the 29th that it will pay a bonus from the GTA online CEO business.

Rockstar REALLY Did It.. The New GTA Online Update (GTA5)
This week, a special bonus is provided to CEOs and weapon traffickers, and if you complete a special package, client’s work and weapon trafficking mission, you will receive an additional 50% GTA and RP.

The client’s work mission can be started with the Bene factor terror bytes, and if you haven’t had terrorums yet, you can buy it at a 30% discount on the Military Supplement Cash & Carry this week.

At the same time, Sumo (Remix) and away games will be able to earn more than three times the GTA and RP rewards to make higher profits and support rapid growth.

At the LS Motor Meeting, you can get Pegasi Gentorno as a means of transportation this week, and can be obtained by entering the third place in the chase series for five consecutive days.

In the test track, the Dubachi Champion, Lampadatti Tigon, and Oselot Zubila will give you a chance to pre -run before buying.

Rockstar Games offers special discounts to encourage business activities this week, selling executive offices, bunkers, nightclubs, and all MC workplaces at 30% cheaper.

In addition, the company will showcase various means of transportation such as Overflow Entertainment XXR, Oselet Aden, Truefade Adder, Obei Omnis, and Dubachi Seven-70 at a discount of up to 50%.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S users can use Hao’s Special Works Time Trial, Hao’s Premium Test Vehicle: Pegasi Ignus (inorganization) with special benefits this week.