How to get a crystal chime in Dark Souls 3?

Crystal chime in Dark Souls 3 is a chime that can use both magic and miracles. It is located in large archives, one of the last points of the basic game. Players can perfectly use this ringing with characters with high faith, since he gives them access to any magic that the player can use with a fairly high intelligence. Here’s how to get a crystal chime in Dark Souls 3.

where to find crystal ringing in Dark Souls 3

Crystal ringing is in large archive large multi -storey library, to which most players will be able to access after the victory over Oldrich Dier of the gods , Yorm Giant , Dancer of the Northern Valley And armor of the dragonon . This is due to the fact that the key to the archive is available only after Gothard throws him behind the main doors.

From a large archive , players can get to a crystal chime, going to the left and climbing the stairs. After the fall, there is a large room with several scientists with heads covered with wax. The passage at the book shelves will lead the players to the narrow corridor, where the chicken is guarded by the red -eyed Knight of the LOTRIK with a spear. The room immediately has a Crystal Chime.

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scaling crystal ringing

Dark Souls III Crystal Chime in the Great Archive
The crystal chime improves with flickering titanium to Plus Four and reached the maximum Plus Five C Titanite slab . Despite the fact that the bell has an increase in intellect, both healing miracles and buffs from miracles will be scale only with the indicator of faith. Polishing magic , similarly, is scaled only with the intelligence parameter. Physical miracles, how radiate power and the anger of the gods will also be scale only with the faith indicator.

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