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The Sims in the Disney universe: fans can be on new F2P

Attention Disney fans: With Disney Dreamlight Valley, a life SIM awaits you that throws you into a world with Simba, Elsa and many other characters. The free game will be particularly interesting for friends of games such as Animal Crossing or the Sims.

Disney meets the Sims

The game developer Gameloft has now presented his new game project: Disney Dreamlight Valley .

In it you slip into the role of a specially created character that has to help the well -known figures from Disney and Pixar to get their memories back. Beliver your friends with the residents of Dreamlight Valley and even design your own home and the entire city according to your wishes. In the typical Disney style, of course.

Take a look at the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley in the trailer :

Disney Dreamlight Valley should appear 2023 for the PC and all current consoles . However, an early access phase is already planned this summer. All buyers of a Founder Pack and subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass are given access to this (source: IGN).

_ With the Xbox Game Pass you can start in Disney Dreamlight Valley in summer: _

What else can you expect in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

In addition to the rescue of the residents, you can follow various Disney stories and minigames with characters like Simba, Mickey, Arielle and many more. You can also pursue activities such as cooking or fishing. Last but not least, of course, a number of clothing for you with which you can equip your character.

In the future, the available worlds and figures could be expanded to include new ones. For Friends of Multiversen like Kingdom Hearts or Disney Infinity, this new entry in the Disney video game history could become the truth.

How much should the Disney game cost?

There is good or bad news here; Depending on how you look at it. Disney Dreamlight Valley will be available free of charge for all platforms . But as usual for free-to-play games, many objects, characters or other things will hide behind payment barriers .

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4
Developer Gameloft specializes in developing mobile games and will probably also use the common practices for monetization in this area at Disney Dreamligth Valley.

IGN titles monetization in a first preview as a moderate, but a final judgment will probably only be determined with a release.