Dot painting pulp fiction “MOTHMEN 1966” Released on July 14, Japanese. Unconfirmed organism Mosman conspiracy

Domestic Publisher Chorus Worldwide announced on April 27 that it will release “ MOTHMEN 1966 ” on July 14. Compatible platforms are PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. According to the Steam store page, this work supports Japanese display. The price is 8.99US, and it will be around 1165 yen in Japan.

“MOTHMEN 1966” is a work called “Pixel Pulp” drawn in pixel art. Pulpfiction is a story like a popular novel or a story spoken in a U.S. magazine. The story is developed in sentences and dot pictures influenced by pulp fiction in the middle of the 20th century and computer graphics in the 1980s. The stage of this work was in 1966. It is said that strange events that happened between the Shiza meteor shower are drawn. The dramas of young couples, gas stations, and super -normal phenomena investigators are the main axis. As the conspiracy swirls, the mysterious men dressed in a nightmare creature and a black suit will make a leap.

“Mosman” in the title is a gossip that has actually become a social phenomenon in the United States. In 1966, a witness was reported in West Virginia, USA. It has a large wings on the back instead of an arm with no arm. However, when flying, the wings do not flutter, and the speed is said to surpass the car. The mysterious UMA that is still whispered with various theories, such as misunderstandings of birds, alien pets. “MOTHMEN 1966” will also depict this Mossman case. In the trailer, a man who investigates the creatures flying with wings.

“MOTHMEN 1966” seems to have various interactive elements. The trailer allows you to check the branch elements to select options at key points in the story. For example, when you witness something, you can respond to the request of the person who tells you that you want to do that sketch or not. Alternatively, there is a tension scene that is forced to deal with when surrounded by a flock of coyote. Whether or not to raise your voice toward the coyote, the subsequent development will change depending on the selected action. On the other hand, it seems that there are mini -game elements, such as solving puzzles and challenging solitia.

“MOTHMEN 1966” will be released on July 14 for PC (Steam)/PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. Pixel Pulp is scheduled to be a series, and in addition to “MOTHMEN 1966”, it seems that “VARNEY LAKE” and “Bahnsen Knights” will be released.