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Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass

Valorant Episode 4, ACT 3 was currently being announced by the developer Riot Games, which officially reveals the release date of Fade and describes the next rewards for the Battle Pass in detail. Earling fans do not have to wait long to get the new treats in their hands as the next ACT is published in just a few days, on April 27.

Among the highlights of the upcoming Battle Pass for free players belong to Cuids Ultrabright Torch and Ragna Rock Out, each having the shape of a flashlight and a drum; Plus a coalition: Cobra-themed skin set for the Frenzy. Payable Battle Pass Players can look forward to new.sys Skins for Vandal and Ax, a Hue-Shift Phantom and the Kumpel Deep Divisions, with which they can take a miniature fracture card everywhere.

*NEW* Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass - All Act 3 Battle Pass Skins

In addition to the new agent and the Battle Pass, the Gaming Hardware-inspired Skin Line RGX 11Z Pro was presented, which expands the long list of available valorant skins. The package contains glossy luminous LEDs for weapons such as Phantom, Operation and SpectRe, and when you level the new skin line, you get custom, color-changing effects and rotary mechanisms in the weapon of your choice.

The official description of Fades Move-Set confirms the leak of the last month’s skills and contains Haunt, with which you can equip a nightmare entity, Seize, Prowler and Nightfall.

In a Q & A with the designer of Riot Games, Nicholas Smith, it was confirmed that Fade was designed as a “competitor of Sova”, which has been practically undisputed at the top of our valorant agent ranking since the start of the game. The skills of SOVA challenge is no trifle, but Smith proposes to bring the explanation closer to the action instead of further removing them: “Fade brings the education to a personal level that is more effective in a limited area…. I also wanted to have an elucidation character that instructs less on statements. “

After Riot announced that there is no new agent for Episode 4, Act 2 instead of a Yoru revision and a number of balance patches to ensure the long-term health of the game, the fans will be facilitated, the company back on course To see the publication of Fade. Let’s just hope that the new agent creates it at least a few hours more in the ranking as Yoru.