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Joey City (Representative Corporation) said on the 31st P2E Game Embedded Metropolitan: Crypto Contribute announced that it has updated the new content ruling base occupation.

The ruling base occupation is a competitive content that covers a rhetoric of the server in the server.

In the middle of the World Map, the union that the first reached the goal point in the central waters and the position of the neighborhood bases in the neighborhood bases, and the first reached the goal point within the timeout.

The ruling base occupation proceeds at two weeks after the first start of April 2. Participation federations can earn compensation according to final ranking, and the victory federation will further obtain the permissions to set the tax rate of the Titanium island.

Along with this, various events will be held to commemorate this update. In addition to the ruling base occupation, compensation is given to the association with the attack or defense more than once, and titanium is paid separately for the victory federation and 2 and third union. In addition to this, the fighters are reinforced events, arguma interceptor-shading events.

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In addition, a balanced patch has been made to upregulate the capacitors and the missile production of the missile, and improve the ability to detect submarine troops.