Activision Blizzard: Investors suit denied by the judge

Activision Blizzard Hit By 2nd Lawsuit As Investors Rebel, Workers Reject CEO's Anti-Union Law Firm
Investors have a certain power when it comes to decisions in a company. However, some Activision Blizzard Investors have been retrieved from a district judge to the soil of the facts of their decision-making violence.

The allegations about sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination in the case Activision Blizzard have long been stubborn. After the last year official investigations have been announced, some financiers of the company have joined together and classified. The lawsuit went against the company itself, since the scam was suspected during the investigation and this can reduce the value of the company rapidly.

The action states that during the investigations of the DFEH (California Department of Fair Employment and Housing) and the EEOC (EQUAL EMPLOMENT OPPORTUNITY Commission), the Projected Problems, downplayed ‘. These allegations have already been explained to the district judge, a rather small instance in the American legal system, for bottom, as the media from a routine examination, more than it was actually.

Such a rejection is not yet final, the plaintiffs have the possibility to present the aforementioned allegations once again within 30 days. However, it is not guaranteed that one has greater chances of success.