PlayStation developer turns on acquisition speculation with a new tweet

For weeks, rumors have been circulating that Sony is close to ending a new acquisition and, according to the last rumors, it may be the best acquisition performed by PlayStation so far. One of the names that has been thrown around here and over there is Fridge, a subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation. The fact that the Japanese study is owned by another company makes a more complicated treatment, but far from being impossible. For those who do not know: FromSoftware is the developer behind the tastes of Almas, transmitted by blood, Sekiro: shadows die twice, _ armor armored_ and more recently, Anillo de Elden. There have been no credible statements that link to fromSoftware and PlayStation, but a new Tweet of a PlayStation employee has attracted attention.

New PlayStation RUMOR | Sony Making a REALLY Big Acquisition - What Could It Be?

The Tweet arrives on the road from Shawne Benson, director, global portfolio chief of third parties in PlayStation. There is not much in the Tweet, but it is enough to ignite speculation in an enabling environment for speculation due to all recent rumors. The Tuit in question was held this week and shows Benson posing with a giant. Anillo de Elden Statue, accompanied by the following legend: «Solo showing my new work best friend on campus».

Again, there is not much in this tweet, and without rumors about the acquisition of PlayStation, this is possible that this does not call attention, but this hypothetical reality is just that, hypothetical. With a million PlayStation acquisition rumors circulating, and with fromsooftware involved in some of these rumors, this Tweet was always going to add fire fuel.

For now, take all this for what it is, which is total and absolute speculation. It is strange that PlayStation has a giant statue for a character from a third-party game that did not have a connection with PlayStation beyond being available on PlayStation platforms. In fact, the game was revealed by courtesy of a showcase of Xbox E3. However, it is a megapopular game and fromSoftware has worked with PlayStation in the past with Transmitted by blood. Even so, although speculation is reasonable, there is simply not enough here to ring the alarms.

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