Explanation of Halo Infinites Fracture: Last Week of Events Tenrai Event

Event Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai comes to its last week. This is the last chance for players to pass 30 levels of free awards and pass the battle. The event began in November 2021 and since then appeared randomly during the week.

To participate players will take part in playlist Fiesta . Fiesta is a slayer version in which the weapon appears randomly. In one life, players appeared with a standard assault rifle, and in the next – with a sniper rifle of Covenant and a plasma sword. This is a mode in which the power is rewarded by a variety.

Since this is the last week of events, it will be impossible to complete the combat pass for those who have just joined. Progress is achieved by performing tasks, of which there is one daily and three weekly, with the possibility of a fourth weekly quest when buying a combat premium combat. Of course, it is tedious, but for ordinary players, this is a good way to passively earn a few steep armor.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Event Awards

  • level 1 : epic background Torii Reflection
  • Level 2 : Calling the exchange of conventional consumables
  • Level 3 : Conventional Caterible Items XP GRANT
  • Level 4 : Rare Nameplate Samurai
  • level 5 : core of legendary armor Yirona
  • Level 6 : Calling an exchange of conventional consumables
  • Level 7 : Conventional Catering Items XP GRANT
    Level 8 : Normal Catering Items XP GRANT
  • level 9 : emblem of a rare machine “Samurai”
  • Level 10 : Legendary Left Gatekeeper Shoulder (Yoya)
  • Level 11 : Legendary Right Gatekeeper Shoulder (Yoya)
  • level 12 : legendary knee pads DragonBark (Yoroi)
  • level 13 : Echo-blue rare armor coating (Yoyra)
  • level 14 : emblem of rare armor samurai

  • Level 15 : Epic Kabuto Helmet (Yoyra)
  • Level 16 : Epic Left Shoulder Dragonbark (Yoyra)

HOW TO LEVEL UP FRACTURE TENRAI EVENT FAST | Halo Infinite Unlock Samurai Armor Fast
* Level 17 : Epic Right Shoulder Dragonbark (Yoya)
* Level 18 : Misty color Rare armor coating (Yoya)
* level 19 : Emblem of rare arms samurai
* Level 20 : legendary coating for weapons Sol Devil (assault rifle MA40)
* Level 21 : Epic Water Steel Varisor (Yoyra)
* Level 22 : Dragonbark HipGuard Epic Utility (Yoyro)
* Level 23 : Epic Chest of Jade Plates (Yoyra)
level 24 : epic coating for weapons Whispered SKY (MK50 Sidekick)
* Level 25 : Legendary Helmet Yokai (Yoroi)
* Level 26 : legendary decoration for Spring Blossom Filter Helmet
* level 27 : Epic rack of the funeral bell
* Level 28 : Epic coating for weapons Whispered SKY (BR75 combat rifle)
Level 29 : Legendary decoration for helmet Staghelm Crest
Level 30 : Legendary Word’s belt (Yoyra)

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