Activision Blizzard: NFT, Cryptomonnaires. An investigation interviews players on many topics

It is the turn of Activision Blizzard to inquire about the opinion of the players concerning NFTs and cryptomonnies. It is through a poll that the publisher takes the temperature, with questions to various subjects.

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NFT and video games

This is one of the fashionable topics in recent weeks of the video game industry: cryptomonnies and NFTs. The latter is an English acronym meaning non fungible tokens, either non-fungible chips in the language of Molière. This is a technology that allows you to accredit an individual from an authentication contract that links it to a virtual object such as an image or video and making him his official owner.

A technology that is debating. She has her lot of skeptics and her lot of initiates, as evidenced by the various initiatives taken by some studios. For example, Ubisoft has launched its quartz platform while Ghost Recon Breakpoint: the playing time invested by the players allows them to recover cosmetics that they can either use or sell on a dedicated platform.

Activision Blizzard also on the shot?

Of course, the French studio is not the only one to have seized the subject. In this regard, Square Enix and especially his CEO Yosuke Matsuda who expressed his willingness to integrate NFT into the next studio games. Sega, for his part, wants to experiment again before starting. A hesitation also finds on Activision Blizzard: last week, the publisher shared a survey. The latter seems to take the measurement of players regarding certain features. And among it, the NFTs:

In the survey, we can also note interesting questions that concern the graphics, the croud gaming but also the functionality of crossplay which allows players of different consoles to play together . In any case, this investigation is witnessing the will of Activision Blizzard to display new things is to listen to the players. An initiative for the redemption by Microsoft?


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