[Yoshidas Picture Diary] “Kirby Discovery of Stars” In the new action “Huge things” will suck! Are you okay?

CM I saw in the age of children I will remain strangely impressive. The CM of “ Dadhan! Boy Young Boy Yoy Young! “, which was also in 1991, was impressive, and there was a child who mimatically imitated at the elementary school at that time.

Speaking of the most impressive games in the game CM, it will be the first “Kirby of the star”. At that time, I was completely fascinated by the drawing of the picture drawing song “ round-writing-two beans and “, and I was filled with all the free book pages in Kirby’s doodle. I did not have the game….

This time, Nintendo’s software for Nintendo switches “Kirby Discovery of Stars” . The traditional series was a 2D side view action, but this time Kirby is the first full 3D action in the main series! I will adventure a new world to help Waddardi who has been exposed to mysterious corps.

Speaking of which, a short movie has been published to introduce the new action “Hobari Henkei” of this work, but this was a lovely and very impressive. Well this can not imitate like a CM….

# Book Hen Series’s first 3D work, but a teacher like a teacher!

Kirby is sucked into the sudden sky, and it will be lost in the “New World” where civilization and nature are fused. And, I was going to go out the adventure trip to help Waddards who were exposed to the mysterious “Beast Corps”.

This “Kirby” is the first full 3D of the main part series!

Not only left and right, it can be freely advanced in front and back. It was like this when Kirby flew away.

Even if it has become 3D, the battle with the enemy is the same as 2D. It is relieved with familiar operations of sucking or extinguishing.

I often die from a cliff etc. without a sense of distance, in the 3D game. However, Kirby is hovering, so it would be less likely to fall down.

In other games, flight functions are often required to strengthen their ability and makeover items, but Kirby does not hover from the beginning.

Of course, the copying ability that can use enemy skills is also alive.

In this work, the ability to shoot a star bullet and a drilling ability to dig deep in the ground has newly appeared.

With the ability of the drill, a ground settlement occurs by digging the ground to draw a circle with a drill, and the enemies within the range can be done.

It’s a cute character and a world view of Hongwaka…… What you are doing quite Eggi .

In addition, when copying capacity is evolved, em さ also evolves.

For example, by evolving the needle capabilities into a junk needle, an attack that involves an enemy while rolling a body with a needle can be repeated. That’s horrible…….

Anti is a flame attack to the enemy of trees.

The attacking attack is the basis of the capture but…

The areas of the areas are in real… Eggi.

Doring that my guilt is contrary to my guilt, Kirby lits the dance clear dance.

Burned tropical woods are finished with tears…… It may not be a big deal!

# New Action “Hobari Henkei” is worried…

Kirby of this work is a huge thing that seems to be a huge thing that you want to say “ forgive! “!

I’m sorry for me who is easy to break the corner….

However, instead of fully sucking, parts that can not be sucked are exposed.

Unlike copy capabilities, actions that use exposed parts and sucking objects can be made. This is a new ability called “Hobari Henkei”.

If you make a vending machine, you can eject juice cans like machine guns.

If you brouch the car, you will proceed while destroying enemies and objects. You can also race with time attack courses!

Lace prizes are caught waddards.

Well, it was for the purpose of releasing the captured Waddardi… I forgot.

Waddardi who released is gathered in the town of Waddardi, the adventure base.

Depending on the number of people who released, various equipments are unlocked, such as a collapsia that can enjoy a consecutive battle from a weapon shop, a tool shop, and a boss.

There is a mission for each stage, and more waddle can be released by this.

Even on the stage that has been cleared once, it seems to be able to enjoy it twice!

# Cooperation play with nephew of elementary school students!

My sister who lived in Nagoya moved near my home, so I returned home for their help.

However, true purpose is not the help of moving, but to play cooperative with nephew and this work.

This work supports cooperative play by up to two people.

Among the Nintendo’s action games, the “Kirby” series tends to be low in difficulty. Furthermore, in this work, two difficulty levels in the wild mode with teeth and beginners are prepared, so it will be able to play with confidence even in the second grade nephew.

1P operates Kirby, 2P operates Bandana Waddle. Bandanawaddardi can not copy and capture ability, but it is possible to attack a strong attack by a wolf.

Kirby’s operation is given to a nephew, and I support Bandanawa Dordi.

At first, “Don’t you smoke?” And “This enemy defeat and kun” was supported… but the nephew who became operated in 10 minutes of things is to put me and go ahead and go ahead became.

Looking at the growth of the nephew game, I really feel my own old. But I have a “gamer’s intuition” that has been cultivated so far!

…… It did not stand in front of the nephew……

This is the first full 3D action of the main story, but I was able to play in the same sense as the 2D traditional series! The completion of the mission was played without consciousness and it was cleared in about 15 hours. If you do all the elements, it will take more than double time.

Although a sense of distance is difficult to grasp and die, it tends to fall down, but thanks to the above-mentioned hovering, it is easy to identify the landing point, and “I’m not good at me?” rice field.

“Karby Discovery of Stars” is on sale for Nintendose switch.