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Vicarious Visions, famous for Shrek and Spider

Build Great Tools: Workflow Guidelines from Vicarious Visions
After fabulous 30 years in business, Vicarious Visions – the superstar development team was officially fused with Blizzard and his name in Blizzard Albany.

The studio was founded in 1991 by the brothers Kathrik and Guha Bala, which later left the company in 2016 was taken over by Activision back in 2005. Since the acquisition, the developer team has worked hard, many of the non-call-of-duty franchises to support Activision after working on iconic brand names such as Guitar Hero, Skylanders and even Bungies Destiny 2.

After Bungies contract with Activision was completed in 2019, Vicarious Visions was commissioned to develop Remakes popular games from the PlayStation 1 era for modern consoles, which led to the excellent crash bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 ports applied. Since then, there have been reports on the upcoming merger of Vicarious by Blizzard and his participation in Diablo II: Resurrected from last September seemed to confirm that the deal was as good as completed.

According to allegations of an enemy working environment at Activision Blizzard, some employees of Vicarious Visions prior to fusion expressed concerns about the transparency of the company, including a member admission to Polygon they had the feeling that the company had “decided to override all with the message”. Since then, Activision Blizzard itself is ready for taking over Microsoft in a tremendous step, which is currently taking place under review.

We officially merged with Blizzard Entertainment. Our development team will stay in Albany, NY and are fully devoted to Blizzard Games. We invite you to follow us @blizzard_ent

  • Deputy Visions (@VVisionStudio) 12. April 2022

Nevertheless, it was a long way for the developer resident in Albany. Prior to the acquisition of Activision, the production of Vicarious Visions consisted mainly of licensed handheld games for popular television and film publications such as Power Rangers and Spider-Man to ensure that every Game Boy Advance player would recognize under 12 years the logo of the Company as well as the good intentions behind the birthday presents of grandparents or alienated uncle.

Since your place at Blizzard is now safe and the eyes of many fans on the future production of the gaming giant with large franchise continuations such as Overwatch 2 and Diabliv the end of Vicarious Visions and the beginning of Blizzard Albany are still on the horizon and come to a critical time, which could lead to a decisive support for these long matured games.