“Elden Ring” is full of seafood! Collection of land and seafood between narrowing and wandering and stronger eating

※ This article contains a part of Elden Ring . Please refrain from browsing if you are concerned about.

The other day, PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PC (STeam) RPG for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / PC (STeam) the other day. If you are playing, you will already notice, but this work has many seafood. The claim in the flavor text is also strong.

Therefore, in this article, we picked up five seafood enemies of the sea that appeared in “Elden Ring”, and five. Why don’t you know until it is so far, but how you can see how this work is colored by seafood.

Items such as “boiled shrimp” and “boiled crab” will be very useful, etc. On the other hand, after being lined with them, there is also a person who is soded to eat a fader and eating it. This work that gets stronger and gets strong. By all means, it looks delicious, and if you have a glossy marine product.

◆ ◆ (1) Shrimp of Linylie Lake Rainy River

# # ● Actually, crayfish “shrimp”

This crayfish…… I’m too big…! In the Ecosystem of Linighei, it will definitely be present. It is a masterpiece.

The appearance is as strong as possible. Please note that when you turn the back and you will shoot from a long distance. Crayfish comes with a giant or dragon movement…!

By the way, this shrimp, the launch Lunch trailer It was recommended as the more beautiful with the words of “I like shrimp love” . I’m a crayfish. It seems that the world of vast “Elden Ring” is a sort of crispy. I am expecting DLC.

● Large friend of physical cut. But I do not know the reason to enter the shape “boiled shrimp”

“Boiled shrimp” that is in the form. It is full of mysterious charm. Anomota that looks delicious because other steaming looks up and seeing. Although the attractive effect of physical cut is also attached, there are many people who are likely to be misled by all?

However, when you read the flavor text, “in fact, it seems like the meat of the crayfish”. The headings of this article are also inconsistencies with “shrimp (crisfani)”. Even if it is written with shrimp, it is a lie and wrote as a lies. “Well, it’s good if it is delicious. In Japan, American The Rigani was actually imported as an initial food.

◆ ◆ (2) A large amount of a lot of magician schools! “crab”

# # ● “Crab” that happens to the whole area between narrows

Next is salmon. It is pretty. Somehow they have a lot of them (?), Location is more likely to be located…. In addition, habitat also in the underground and Alter plateau. Because small things do not attack too much attack, so just healing. If you think so, it is the devil of the mind that is unexpected to another enemy.

And, of course, in the world of “Elden Ring”, it is often the case that the size is bugged like Zariga. In reality, there are many sizes that are only looking at Doton Hori in Osaka. This is the same as the above-mentioned salmon. After being defeated, there are many people who started to prey decorate of the fader?

Click here for items that can be caught from such a big bowl.

# # ● 蟹 タ タ タ 「「 ま ま ま

That nourishment warms from the core. Furthermore, it is very good

The lowerbage person will not know, but the salmon is a meat and it’s a egg.

Take a hot Tamago drifting from the flavor text…… Here, it is written as “Daiko Tamago”, so the size is also no longer.

# # ● After all the meat is also delicious! “Boiled crab”

Furthermore, not only Tamago but also “boiled crab” also exists. This is the high-level version of shrimp and shrimp. Someone who is also a small person or noble is a good guy who likes shrimps and crabs. Well, it’s good if it is delicious.

In Alter Plateau, I know that Shrimp “Rough” was a crab.

# ◆ (3) Actually, “lands and ya”

# # # ● It is difficult to be aware of seafood from the degree of knowledge

Linny Rie or Keilid, and appear in various places. People who do not know how do not know are originally the best seafood.

Hoya (Maboya) is a creature distributed in Japan coast and China Yellow Sea, Korean Peninsula. It is food used in Japan and Korea, and it is a thing that is not much related outside the country except for some areas. That’s why the overseas player looked at Hoya and I wonder what reaction was shown.

Unlike Mavoya caught in Japan and Korean Peninsula, Linny Lie’s land is human great and big, but in Keilid. Linneyille’s land and Keirid’s land and ceiling is delicious?

By the way, “land and ya” also appeared as a result. I can not eat because it is a spiritual body, but it will be a friend.

# # ● No longer Trap Handling “Land Haya’s Has Shinder”

Somehow, I want to use it. As it is a system that is summoned near the reducer monument, when I used it for the first time, there are some who was summoned or puzzled where. I can not move so much because it is Hoya. Let’s use it as a trap frame.

# ◆ (4) In the first look, octopus and difficult to understand “Land Dako”

# # ● Perhaps, octopus

The appearance of “ perhaps octopus” as a message. It looks like a tentacle ball, but because it is octopus, it is an octopus.

I think it is true because there is a “shrimp (crisf niece)”, but looking well, I have a lot. This is the site of “crow” with squid and octopus. It is characterized by being like a dusty shape of birds of prey. It is still an octopus that Kore is hidden.

EXTREMELY good looking WRETCH gameplay Elden Ring | Hammy

# # ● I want you to say himself “octopus”

Drop item is “octopus”. I want you to say human blood…. It is not written “if it is delicious, if it is delicious”……. Is it delicious?

# ◆ (5) (partially) faded iron plate idol “spirit jellyfish”

# # ● Actually, it may be a friendly monster “spirit jellyfish”

The jellyfish is delicious. I like it quite a bit, and I like that texture. Unfortunately, “Elden Ring” is a prime cleder only…. Can you not eat jellyfish in the area between narrows? However, it is as to the spirit of the jellyfish. The actual jellyfish should be somewhere.

However, if you think well, there is no reason why “the” the him “of the spirit cledge” “is not possible. Is it a creature called “spirit jellyfish”?

# # ● Clara-chan is a heroine of this work! “The Heavy Crage’s Heaven”

Well, in such a “Elden Ring”, the name of the spirit of the spirit rales. Here is Clara-chan.

She may also think that “this is heroine”, but if you try it, it is actually a strong reliance and it is expiring. Her worry about her darkness is not really very much.

Furthermore, if Clara-chan dedicated event is also hidden, please check if you are worried about.

# # ● It is beautiful but it is the like? “The shield of the spirit kurage”

Equipment that has been sneaked in Linighier. It is a masterpiece that the head of the spirit cledge is a shield as it is, but the loading platform loaded was broken and destroyed by the population of the spirit cradle. If you treat jellyfish as equipment and edible in this world?

Equipment that kicking up the jellyfish of such a friend thinking is so clear and beautiful. But the spirituality for the spirit cradle. Such shields, crispy Clara-chan, can’t be used….

That’s why it’s a narrow place full of seafood. Alter plateau and Keilid, I went ahead of it, and if “I’m not looking at the beach and lake recently,” I went back to Limglave and Linny Rie, and I look at the jellyfish and challenge the rigguancy hunting. The battle with the crayfish who was originally desperate may also be pretty easy. However, if it is surrounded, please be careful because it is striking.