Only 14: 0, then 0:14: Albas catching up goes against Ulm

Alba Berlin continued his catch-up in the Basketball Bundesliga. The capital club won on Good Friday before 7077 viewers a catch-up against ratiopharm ulm with 78:73 (43:42). Alba climbs in third place, but has still graduated fewer games than the competition. Best throwers Among the hosts were Maodo Lo with 15 and Malte Delow with 12 points.

balanced start – Albas 14: 0-run after the break

The game began very balanced, both teams found their wormhythm. In the middle of the first quarter, Alba was able to settle slowly thanks to good defensive. The Berliners always made Ulm harder to find good throw positions. At the beginning of the second section Alba laid a 14: 0 run and was able to settle for 20 points for the first time after 14 minutes (40:20).

Word Association: Malte Delow, ALBA Berlin

Ulmer leaving – Albas 0: 14-run

Ulm took the break – and suddenly nothing left at the hosts. The Berliner conceded a 0: 14 run while, they even get three points until the break.

Immediately after the side change, Ulm went to the first time (45:43). But the German master replied immediately and took the lead in direct resume. The game remained hard, also because the guests never put on. Alba brought the lead into the finish and celebrated the fourth ligas in series.