“Overwatch 2” New Hero “Sosho John” is released. Cyberane used once overwatch

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINT ART A new hero “Soshogony” originally scheduled to be implemented at “Overwatch 2”. It is a content that shows a further background of the same character whose information has been revealed little by little.

“Overwatch 2” is the online match FPS game currently under development BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT. As a change from “Overwatch” which is the previous work, the number of match people go to 6 to 6 to 5 (1 tank, 2 damage, 2 support). Introduction of a ping system that simpler communication with allies and full-scale PVE mode is included. In addition, from April 26, “Overwatch 2” closed PVP beta test will be implemented for PC.

This time the origin story was released, Soshio was introduced as “Overwatch 2” new hero and has attracted fans from before. Even with the above-mentioned beta test announcement, he represents that figure as one of the highlights. Touching the information and published information, and in the online event “BLIZZCONLINE 2021” conducted last year, some of the performance will be apparent. He was reported that the player’s aiming skills were directly linked to the strength using a rail gun.

At this trailer, Soshohan was a Captain with Jack Morrison (Soldier 76) and a Captain with a couple of overwatch, and one end of his success. Also, it is a character that uses cybernetic skills. Is the cyberneticallyified his arm made full use for his ability? We will also be revealed for further performance and background information.

“Overwatch 2” PC version PVP beta test will be implemented from April 26th. Beta test participants are decided by lottery and application is still accepted. In addition, in the “Overwatch” series official Twitch channel, from 3 am on April 15th, Soshogyan’s gameplay trailer release and community Q & A will be implemented.