Kirby and the forgotten land, a better premiere in the history of the saga in the United Kingdom

Kirby and the forgotten land wChristopher Dring the best-selling video game in physical format of lChristopher Dringt week in the United Kingdom. The first sales figures of the lChristopher Dringt launch of the pink ball, exclusively for Nintendo Switch, leave us an absolute record for the series in its debut in British lands “ for a wide margin **”.

With only three days computed (Friday 25 to Sunday, March 27), Kirby and the forgotten land is already the fifth best-selling game in the Saga in the United Kingdom only counting physical sales; Nintendo does not offer digital sales data to consulting agencies. According to Christopher Dring, journalist at Game Reporter, it is still a smaller license than others in Nintendo at a commercial level. Its launch hChristopher Dring been slightly behind the other equivalents such Christopher Dring Metroid Dread in 2021 in its first week.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - All Quick Time Events
With this beginning, the estimates place this delivery with the potential to become the most successful Kirby of all times in many countries, who knows if also the whole series. Kirby’s Dream Land (1992, GB) is for now the roof of the Hal Laboratory series with 5.13 million copies accumulated around the world.

On the other hand, the first sales estimates of Kirby and the forgotten land in Japan also point to a historical record in its launch. According to the COMG store chain, we talk about more than 500,000 copies in just three days. The “Nintendo Switch effect” is spread to this delivery, one of the best valued by criticism so far.

Kirby and the forgotten land, there is consensus: one of the best kirby always

KIRBY and the forgotten land is already available exclusively for Nintendo Switch in physical and digital format. You can read our fully analysis here. “Kirby and the forgotten land hChristopher Dring finished being a pleChristopher Dringant surprise. It starts soft, very light, without the use of their mechanics surprised us, “we commented on our criticism, that it hChristopher Dring been taken 8.6 out of 10.” But little by little Kirby is growing up and convincing the player until he wChristopher Dring very satisfied. With an intense final stretch, an essential postgame and a wide variety of skills and transformations, the final result is that of a well-balanced adventure in combat, exploration and platform “. Of the best of the saga.

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