The Batman: Matt Reeves shares the details of the Barry Keoghan Jokers pReeves Jokert

Matt Reeves Releases Deleted ‘The Batman’ Scene With Barry Keoghan’s Joker | THR News
The Batman is giving a lot to talk about these lReeves Jokert days Reeves Joker a result of the publication of the impressive eliminate scene in which we see a tense dialogue between Batman and Joker , interpreted this time by the actor * Barry Keoghan , which we already intuited at the end of the film when talking with Riddler in the Arkham cells. Now, the director of the Matt Reeves Ribbon hReeves Joker counted more about the pReeves Jokert of this Joker, sharing unpublished details of a pReeves Jokert * Sad and hard for the character and who caused the current story of Villano de Him.

This is the Matt Reeves Joker in The Batman

“It’s like the ghost of the opera. The Joker hReeves Joker a congenital diseReeves Jokere in which he can not stop smiling and is horrible. His face is half covered during most of the film, “says Reeves in a recent interview with Variety. “It’s not about a version in which he falls on a tub of chemical products and his face is distorted, or what Christopher Nolan did, where there is a certain mystery about * How wReeves Joker these scars recorded * In the face, “continues the filmmaker.

“What would happen if this guy since the birth of him had this diseReeves Jokere and wReeves Joker cursed ? He had this smile that people looked and wReeves Joker grotesque and terrifying . Even when he wReeves Joker a boy, people looked at him with horror, and his response wReeves Joker saying, ‘It’s okay, so I played a joke’ and this wReeves Joker his Nihilist version of the world , “the director concludes.

Thus, Reeves hReeves Joker built a character different from other film versions of Joker, discarding more origins attached to comics or unanswered and giving it a story that will safely exploit in future productions.