PS5 for 849.99 euros at Kaufland

You have noticed that Kaufland also sells the PlayStation 5 directly, but wonder about the high prices? If you are looking for Google after the coveted console, jumping more than 800 euros at Kaufland. But the dealer sells the PS5 not actually for the non-binding retail price (EIA) as an independent provider? But, however, the offers of the third party providers dominate in the marketplace.

Kaufland is like Amazon

That we did not get the EIA offers from Kaufland, so for example the drive PS5 for 499 euros, has very simple reasons:

First, because the PS5 is sold out at the normal prices in just a few minutes as soon as it is in stock. Logically, these offers are therefore not played in the search. On the other hand, because all other available consoles do not come from Kaufland directly, but by third-party providers, which they only offer via Kaufland.de. And that for absurd high prices, which then hit Google.

This is comparable to the third-party traders and private resellers on the online marketplace from Amazon. So you are looking for a PlayStation 5 to normal prices – what we would advise you to go to the grid resellers and cheats – then you still need patience at Kaufland.

How do I buy a PS5 directly from Kaufland?

As with all other online shops that the PS5 sells to the RVP, we also have to wait for Kaufland on replenishment. In a drop, it is not only possible to be fast, but also make sure that Kaufland is designated as a seller.

The following example shows you an offer of a third party offering the PS5 over the marketplace. The price is of course overpriced. Should Kaufland but even have consoles, then you will find them under “Seller” if they are not already specified:

I Got 2 $600 PS5's In 1 Day On Offer Up

To acquire the PS5 directly from Kaufland, as with all other stores, is still good luck, but at least increases the chances of a fair offer.

Remains up to date: You want to be up to date about the current PS5 location? Then watches regularly on Kaufland directly and in our PS5 availability ticker.