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Le City Builder MMO Romans: Age of Caesar se lancera le 27 avril en free-to

What is Romans: Age of Caesar?
It is said that Rome was not done in a day and the eternal city is likely to take a unique architect. This is the observation made by the Firefly studio to whom one must already Stronghold Kingdoms and who is preparing to launch Romans: Age of Caesar on April 27th.

According to the British developer, novels: Age of Caesar takes the form of a massively multiplayer city builder immersing players in the heart of ancient Italy. If the game obviously does not shine by its graphics, its gameplay allows groups of 16 players to cooperate to erect, manage and prosper the same city in a vast shared world. This world itself houses cohorts of these cities and allows thousands of players to interact with each other, sometimes to cooperate with other cities, sometimes to face them in PvP.

It will therefore be necessary to create cities in this shared world, harvest resources, build the buildings that will allow each city to develop, trace trade routes between cities, or protect them from barbaric tribal raids (PVE). The most ambitious players can also invest in the political intrigues of ancient Rome to try to be crowned “Caesar”: it will be intriguer, find his place in the Senate to establish alliances or betrayed former allies until Supreme position.

After a long development and testing at the endorsement (the game launched its alpha in 2019), novels: Age of Caesar is expected on Steam on April 27 – The game will be distributed according to a free-to-play model. For the more impatient, a playable demo is already available on the Valve platform.