Kirby and the forgotten country in the test: the pure sugar shock

Kirby and the forgotten land not only bubbles so much, it also shines with strong levels design.

Kirby has discovered the third dimension for himself – that was time! Has been running for 30 years, hopping and flying the ball root dream landscape over small and large screens. While his genre colleague Mario was allowed to explore 3D worlds for the first time in 1996 for the first time, Kirby has almost always been limited to food from left to right by the levels. This concludes. In Kirby and the forgotten country, the suction world champion from Japan learns that there are more than just two directions. In addition, he adapts to new tricks that do not only provide laughter, but also contribute to their part for the ideas and varied levels design. And although the game does not, as it has expected sometimes, offers a sandbox experience à la Super Mario Odyssey, makes exploring the environments more fun than in many open-world epic.

You probably did not expect a big story, right?

The story of Kirby and the forgotten land fits on a beer lid. The hero is sought into a foreign dimension and has to liberate the waddle dees, which were captured by animals. That’s just as a negative as it sounds. We somehow got used to that Jump and Runs from Nintendo to narrative level are more likely to include the Lite products of the video game industry. It would still be nice if such a title would offer something more.

The game fun does not do a demolition. As soon as you have stated that Kirby and the forgotten land once again puts the gameplay in the foreground (which has happened very quickly in our case), you sit the full ten hours with a wide grin in front of the screen. Hal proves a great deal of ideas when it comes to the design of the numerous levels that distribute themselves on various worlds. The blankets with a snow and a Lava region of genresandards off, but there are also untypical scenarios. The adventure starts in the nature level. Here you are on the streets of an abandoned, overgrown and thus on end time settings à la The Last of US recalling city and also explores a shopping center. Later it goes into a leisure park including roller coaster ride and visit to a horror house.

Some is hard to swallow

Optically, each world offers something new and the playful variance is also great. In addition to the typical platform passages and short conflicts with many different enemy types, you can expect you here and there very simple puzzles or moments in which the game mechanics deviates completely from typical jump-and-run everyday life for a brief moment. Mostly this is in conjunction with the new full-scale mode. Kirby can no longer suck opponents to take over their skills, but also objects like traffic taps, cars and even whole stairs! Although they are too large for the digestive tract, but the mouth interior of Kirby is so stretchable that it simply assumes the shape of the respective object in this way. For example, you race as a kirby car race against time or fires as changing vending machines cans on your enemies.

Defeat Wild Edge Using An Invincible Candy - Kirby And The Forgotten Land
The full-scale mode ensures many ulcious moments because the “transformations” all make roaring funny. At each new level, you are looking forward to which variants will expect one this time and what challenges the developers have designed around them. Although there are repetitions here and there, but even in the late sections, Hal presents new ideas so that never bored.

A lot to do

The biggest feat that Kirby and the forgotten land succeeds, but is the motivating exploration that offers despite its linearity. In each level you follow a clearly predefined path. You can not even turn the camera completely freely, but only adjust the angle easily. In this regard, Kirby and the forgotten land strongly reminiscent of Super Mario 3D World. Nevertheless, we have always been motivated to look closely and to follow our curiosity.

Many secrets are hidden in the environments. Again and again you can expose hidden areas through the use of abilities. In addition, you can expect several side tasks in each level. The trick here: The game does not betray you in the beginning what you should do. The only exception is always the mission to save all hidden prisoners Waddle Dees. You have to open up the rest, whereby the tasks in most cases are revealed after the first playing a level (even if you did not complete the appropriate quests).

A very sweet example: Before the entrance to Wundaria, the above-mentioned amusement park, you will find small ducklings. If you come to you very close, you walk afterwards afterwards. You have to lead them to your mother to meet the task. And no, this mission repeats not dozens of times. Hal has come for each level in Kirby and the forgotten country own bonus orders. Often it is not difficult to figure out what you have done sometimes but we had a surprise moment of the variety: “How, there we would have to do something else?” These additional tasks ensure a high playback value. Anyone who likes to do everything and playing through the game 100 percent can count on the playing time for pure playing the campaign again a few hours on top.

Home Sweet Home

The whole thing is so motivating because every passed task means more liberated waddle dees. And that is, that their city serving as a hub extends faster. The more the friendly creatures to save her, the greater the settlement. There are new buildings and this makes their features free. On the one hand, there are entertaining mini-games. Among other things, you can take over temporary jobs in the Waddle Dee Café. In doing so, you have to serve as many customers as possible under time pressure and give them always the desired product. In addition, your fishing talent may prove and compete in an arena against known bosses from old Kirby games, for example Meta Knight.

One of the first buildings that you unlock is the weapon shop. Here you buys upgrades for the special skills that you take over by opponents. But you must first find the right blueprints in the levels and for the activation requires “rare stones”, which you only receive for the completion of optional challenge levels. The latter is partially free to help you simply master the main levels, but some of them are also hidden on the ski world. It is therefore worthwhile to fly there a bit with the star and to check every suspicious-looking place. Sometimes you just get some coins.

Improvements that you really want

The upgrades do not just increase the damage of the skills, but greatly change their functioning. From the normal bombs, for example, you make explosives that automatically chain each other, which ensures even greater explosions. The sword in turn becomes a “colossal sword” with which its slower can be sampled, but covers a larger range of activity. If you do not like it upgrade, that’s no problem. The standard versions of the skills can be set as a favorite as a favorite in the Weaponad, so you obtain them if you are sitting in a level the respective opponent type.

The use of the skills is great fun because every single one of them feels good. No joke: the hit feedback in Kirby and the forgotten country, mind you fight a Jump and Run with very simple, is better than in the pure Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. To plenate with the hammer opponent or grill as a fire-feeder Kirby, always felt powerful. The good old effect alone, when defeated enemies fly briefly through the area and then simply put us, gives us a good feeling.

Challenges offer other games

Otherwise, Kirby and the forgotten land in terms of gameplay no stuff. The control slips properly. Except for a few moments where Kirby is behind a larger object, the camera catches the action well, so you have the full overview. Only those who wished to be demanded more about a Kirby game, will not be completely satisfied. Although there is a higher degree of difficulty with the “wild mode”, but also on the main levels hardly claim. Especially the platform almost comes to the joke, as Kirby can fly a pretty long long. On top of that, even the boss fights are very simple.

But that does not mean that Kirby and the forgotten country can not be fun experienced jump-and-run players. On the contrary, when you get involved in playing a simple game that wants to spread in the first place good mood, the low level of difficulty hardly falls in weight. Nonetheless, Hal would have to make the “wild mode” more demanding if you already offer it as a harder alternative. We do not expect an “Elden Ring” level, but if we advised in one of the bonus challenges at most, because the countdown ends his end, that’s too little.

Disappointing technique

“Not too little” is a good keyword, because Kirby and the forgotten country is likely to run with a higher frame rate. Sure, this applies to every game, which is only playable with 30 pictures per second. In this case, however, it has been particularly disappointed. The title is graphically no highlight. This quickly takes the background because the environments are very playful and the characters are all drawn so simple that they do not need many polygons to look properly. But better edge smoothing could have been allowed. That’s why it’s incomprehensible why Kirby and the forgotten country is not running at 60 fps, where a Super Mario Odyssey does that with its much larger levels. Although the game is always fluid, but that does not mean that the double number of frames would not be better per second.

However, the anger about it is quickly putting itself when it turns into the forgotten world and looks at all the cute figures that are lovingly animated. In some opponents, we always thought of: “Oh, man! Why do you have to be our adversaries? You’re so buttonful!” If Kirby and the forgotten land were a candy, his nutri score would be due to extremely high sugar content in the red area. As a video game it is – especially in the current time – much healthier, because it spreads with its colorful worlds, lots of charm and a fantastic, loud soundtrack from the first to the last minute good mood. Ideally, you do not suck themselves alone, but together with a teammate: Kirby and the forgotten land you can enjoy completely in local 2-player co-op mode. Unfortunately, an online option is not available.


Kirby and the forgotten country is not a game that demands you. It is none that impresses with its narrative. And it does not matter to the technically best switch titles. The opposite is a fantastic leveldesign, which mainly benefits greatly from the new full-scale mode, the impeccable control, a motivating progression and a lot of cuteness. If you are looking for a good-mood game that lets you forget the current horrors of this world, Kirby and the forgotten country is just right for you.

Kirby and the forgotten country


Very strong leveldesign

Exercise incentives thanks to secondary tasks

More ingenious full-scale mode

Simple but satisfactory fighting

Great upgrade system

Waddle Dee City as an expandable hub…

… with cute mini-games

Music invites you to sums

Extraportion charm and cuteness


Unfortunately only 30 fps

“Wilder mode” hardly challenging

Forgotten story

4.5 / 5 stars

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