HFC before decisive weeks

Place 14, two points in front of the descent zone and last three mandatory games in a row without victory – including local cup blam in the resin. It is undoubtedly a tricky situation in which the Hallesche FC is located in early April.

The good thing: The Saalestädter still have two games in the hindquarters, can still expand the lead in 16th 16th place and thus start on Wednesday evening in the catching game in front of their local audience against Sc Freiburg II.

And the HFC is rested because the game against Osnabrück had failed due to numerous corona cases in the VfL. With an internal training game Halle has responded to the cancellation to hold up the tension.

Five or six games in April

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Because the month is intense, on the weekend it goes to Duisburg, the home game against Havelse, the game in Dortmund and the duel with Viktoria Cologne – and maybe the DFB packs the Osnabrück game even in April.

Nevertheless, the HFC is confident in this program according to its own statement. Because the squad is greater again. Captain Jonas Nietfeld, Sören Reddemann and Niklas Kenshofer are full of training again, Justin Eilers is back at the team. Progress also makes Tom car park and Philipp Sachlichner. On Wednesday in the catch-up game against Freiburg, however, Marcel Titsch Rivero is missing because of a muscle faser.

Löhmannröben still feels like

One who wants to go for the cupschmach is Jan Löhmannsröben. “We still want to get the best possible placement in the league,” said the clearer recently. The 30-year-old whose contract expires can imagine a wholly in Halle very well. “There was already the first talks. I would like to take a look at the next season here,” said the former Rostocker, who scored a goal in 14 league inserts and comes to a cup blam-notes of 3.04.

The rest program in the 3rd league