Says hello to Vasco, the first official Starfield

NEW Companion Revealed in Starfield! - Vasco
Only just over half a year does it take, then Starfield should be released. Developer studio Bethesda has previously been covered with information about the new space RPG. In addition to an announcement trailer, there are so far only a few developer blogs that prove that it is at least ahead.

But now a new video has finally presented the first real character in the game, the Robot Companion Vasco, which gives us a little more insight into the world.

The first character is a pacifist Robo companion

This is not the first look we could catch on Vasco. Already in the last developer video the robot was briefly visible and got us with the words “Hello, Captain, how can I help?” Welcome. Now it’s official, Vasco can accompany us as Companion in the game.

However, the new video is still a few more information price. Here you can watch it yourself:

We learn that in the video

In addition to Vasco’s appearance with red-white painting, we also learn more about the function and the character of the companion and thus how robots in the world of Starfield are used:

  • Possible first Companion: Vasco as well as we belong to the Constellation Group, on behalf of which we explore all. So it is not unlikely that Vasco will be the first companion who can stand by ourselves in Starfield.
  • Signing traces: Vasco is already an older model that was overhauled for use at CONSTURATION. Over the years he has drawn down dents and signs of wear. Of course, this opens up the question of how robots can be repaired into the Settled Systems at all.
  • Support Role: As expedition robots, the functions of our companion are practically applied accordingly. Vasco is suitable for harsh terrain and long travel and can make equipment and a lot of weight shoulders.
  • Peaceful: In the fight Vasco is not defenseless. He seems to have built a firearm in the right arm, with which he can definitely defend himself. But he should primarily be a peaceful companion, so probably will probably not become aggressive.

Vasco is therefore primarily with support functions, which may probably be particularly useful to the start of the game – especially if he can carry loads for long distances for us and we are not overloaded immediately.

Everything we know so far to the game world, the Lore and exploration in Starfield, we have summarized you in the hub:

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Companions should react more to us

Starfield also wants to give his NPCs more personality. In interactions with characters, there should be no clear “right” answers. Our actions will also affect how our companions will see us and respond to us. Maybe Companions could even turn away from us.

What do you think of Vasco as a companion? Do you just want a packseel, or is the character of your Companions also important to you?