NBA – The scenarios before the last matchday: What actually happens at a Nets

Before the last matchday of Regular Season, the seeding of many teams is still completely unclear. Especially in the east, even a lot can happen. We have summarized all scenarios.

Attention, it gets confusing… But that’s why it also needs a whopping 15 games on Sunday evening to provide for the remaining decisions. In the 360-Conference of Dazn you can be live in all decisions. That’s at the game:

NBA playoffs: The fight in the east around 2 to 4

  • Milwaukee gets second if…

… win the bucks in Cleveland.

… lose the bucks in Cleveland and lose the Celtics in Memphis.

Are the Celtics the biggest threat to the Bucks? | NBA Today

  • Milwaukee becomes third if…

… lose the Bucks in Cleveland and win the Celtics in Memphis.

The Bucks can no longer become fourth since they have won their division and will not do this either Boston or Philadelphia.

  • Boston is second if…

… lose the Bucks in Cleveland and win the Celtics in Memphis.

  • Boston becomes third if…

… win the Celtics in Memphis and win the Bucks in Cleveland.

  • Boston gets fourth if…

… lose the Celtics in Memphis and win Philadelphia against Detroit.

  • Philadelphia becomes third, if…

… win the Sixers against Detroit and lose the Celtics in Memphis.

  • Philadelphia gets fourth if..

… win the Sixers against Detroit and win the Celtics in Memphis.

The Sixers can no longer fall into five place. Toronto has sure this place.

The games of the Bucks, Celtics and Sixers

Bucks (51-30) Celtics (50-31) Sixers (50-31)
Cavs (A) Grizzlies (A) Pistons (H)

The race in the east around the places 7 to 10

You fishes the confusing? Then wait for everything that could happen between Brooklyn, Cleveland, Atlanta and Charlotte. There are a total of 16 different scenarios, whereby the Nets could become a maximum of NETTER. The hornets on the other side theoretically even have chances of seven place.

In this picture you can get an overview of how the whole thing could end up. After all, the games of all four teams will take place on Sunday evening at 21.30 pm German time, so we’ll soon know how it will come…

The Games of Nets, Cavs, Hawks and Hornets

Nets (43-38) Cavs (43-38) Hawks (42-39) Hornets (42-39)
Pacers (H) Bucks (H) Rockets (A) Wizards (H)

The race in the west to third place

It is clearly simpler in the west, Golden State and Dallas are the only teams in the playoffs where seeding is not clear yet.

Golden State becomes third if…

… win the Warriors in New Orleans.

… lose the Mavericks against San Antonio.

Golden State gets fourth if…

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… lose the Warriors in New Orleans and wins Dallas against San Antonio.