Fallout 76 will have a weekend of triple events

The stars in fallout 76 have aligned this weekend with not one, not two, but three different events that run at the same time. This was not an unexpected event since the community calendar published in February indicated that this would happen at the beginning of April, except that delays occur, but for those who have not stayed up to date with the road map of that event in The last few weeks, here is your reminder to jump over the next two days to take advantage of the events that happen inside fallout 76.

Those events are a sale from Purveyor Murmrgh, Minerva’s Big Sale and a Double Mutation Daily PAHO event. These types of sales are relatively common in _consquences 76, _ but normally do not align at the same time.

Fortunately, the two sales events do not use the same coin, so the players will not have to worry about making a decision to each other if they want to buy at Murmrgh or Minerva. The sale of Murmrgh offers a 25% discount on legendary items, including different weapons and armor, so if you have some additional legendary vouchers, now is the time to use them.

As for the sale of Minerva, you will need gold ingots to take advantage of that event. Bethesda said this trader will have “many more items plans to exchange” during this event and urged players to be attentive to the street vendor around The Crater, Foundation or Fort Atlas.

And then there is the Double Mutation Daily PAHO event that presents unique enemy players against those who fight with additional experience and other improved rewards at stake for those who can defeat their mutated opponents successfully.

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“If you are looking to increase adrenaline during your adventures this weekend, bring together your team, prepare your team and try your luck in some daily double mutation operations,” Bethesda said. “During the next few days, you will face more deadly enemies of daily operations that show unique combinations of two different mutations. When you do, you will get double XP during all your games, as well as greater rewards, as a bonus. Strip for game coins every time you complete an operation ».

If you just started with these events on Saturday, it is a bit late since all began at the beginning of the week, but still has from now on April 11 at 12 p. m. Et to participate.