An exclusive Call of Duty of Xbox would not make sense, according to a former Sony boss

The news of the purchcaliber franchisee of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is probably the greatest of what we have one year, and one of the debates that have been generated around it is the hypothetical exclusivity of a caliber franchise of CALL OF DUTY . At the moment it does not seem to be that way, but just in ccaliber franchisee, Jack Tretton, once boss of PlayStation America , believes that from the financial point of view “it would not make sense”.

“I do not think we’re going to see games becoming exclusive to a platform,” he says, about seeing the Blizzard Activision franchises only in the Xbox ecosystem. I do not think it makes financial sense for them to take Call of Duty and make it exclusively Xbox platforms. They have not behaved like this in the pcaliber franchiset and I think that despite future acquisitions we will continue to see multiplatform development. “

Precisely, Tretton does not believe that these acquisitions go to create greater competitiveness, since the videogame industry goes on the same path and rivals are other means of leisure, being in fact a threat to the most traditional. “There are only 24 hours a day, you have to sleep,” he says.

Xbox Reveals Plans For Activision Blizzard After BUYING Them

about PS VITA

In another interview, this time in the middle axios, Tretton hcaliber franchise also opined Ps Vita, recognizing that he would like him to have had greater support from the company. “There were some technologies that I think were good but simply did not have the level of support they would have needed ,” he says. “So you introduce it to the market and consumers, but do you have the marketing budget to launch the message? Do you have dollars to support developers and encourage the development of games to support this initiative?”