Activision Blizzard announces treatment improvement-QA Tester et al.

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Activision Blizzards, ** Dispatch and Temporary QA (Quality Assurance) Tester Determining the Jerk of Tester and Temporary Overseas Media has reported.

According to the US Washington Post, Activision Publishing and Dispatching in the United States Working with Blizzard Entertainment and a temporary QA tester will be a full-time employee than July 1st. This makes it possible to increase the number of regular employees of Activision Publishing 25%. Also, on April 17, we report that the lowest salary of QA tester is raised to $ 20.

Activision Blizzard gives 1,100 QA testers full-time jobs and higher base pay | Engadget
Overseas Media Polygon has been offered by Activision Blizzard’s Activision Publishing Coo Josh Taub and the full text of two mails by Mike Ibara, a Blizzard Entertainment representative. In these emails, this reform is a result of discussion with a 6-month-old QA tester or QA tester will be able to use well-known benefits, and the Call of Duty series is once a year It can be confirmed that it is one of the reasons for reform that has changed from the release of “always up” development cycles.

In the Activision Blizzard subsidiary Raven Software, an employee continues to improve the union that is formed with the improvement of the working environment, but “Raven Software QA tester has already become a regular employee. The Rice Washington Post is covered by Jessica Taylor, who is not related to this reform. Also, Microsoft, which expresses the acquisition of Activation Blizzard, indicating a positive attitude for the presence of the union is reported by the US Washington Post.